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Album Of The Week Club review: Flush The Fashion by Alice Coopeer



Alice Cooper: Flush The Fashion

(Image credit: Warner Bros)

Talk Talk
Clones (We’re All)
Leather Boots
Aspirin Damage
Nuclear Infected
Grim Facts
Model Citizen
Dance Yourself to Death

Alice Cooper released Flush The FashionSpecial ForcesZipper Catches Skin, and DaDa between 1980 and 1983 – four albums recorded while he battled alcohol and drug problems. And the first may have been the unlikeliest of them all.  

Cooper loved reinventing himself, and for Flush The Fashion he underwent perhaps his most startling make-over when he became a new-wave hitmaker in a garbage bag jumpsuit. The album is very much of its time, but it’s one of Coop’s most fun albums, a rollicking collection of herky-jerky skinny-tie robot rock, led by one of the era’s greatest weirdo hits, Clones (We’re all), and the playfully homoerotic anthem Prettiest Cop On The Block.

Produced by Roy Thomas Baker, the self-consciously electronic Clones… appeared to be aiming straight for the throat of the Gary Numan market. But when rock was called for (Grim FactsNuclear Infected), guitarist Davey Johnstone wasn’t found lacking in swagger.

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