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‘Apple is a cheater’s paradise,’ cry iPhone owners over new privacy features



SOME iPhone users claimed Apple is a “cheater’s paradise” over a new privacy feature that lets you lock and hide secret apps.

The tech giant’s latest iOS 18 will allow users to hide or lock apps on their home screen to protect their privacy.

The tech giant’s latest iOS 18 will allow users to hide or lock apps on their homescreenCredit: Alamy
Apple said the feature will allow users privacy when using banking appsCredit: Alamy

Apple has said the new feature will reassure users using banking apps, and stop children from buying items on Amazon without parental permission.

However there has been an explosion of comments on social media about the new feature, with claims it could allow cheaters to hide dating apps from their partners.

One post read: “Apple’s new privacy features are going to be huuggee for cheaters and liars.”

Another said: “On the apple update you can hide and lock apps, and they won’t even come up if you search words in the search bar. Apple is a cheater’s paradise. That’s sick.”

One X user posted: “Thanks Apple. I will be trying to hide online dating app from my wife. With lock app and hide app, I can finally do it.”

Others made jokes that the feature ‘is going to break up relationships.’

Apple’s announcement read: “‘Locked and hidden apps offer users peace of mind that information they want to keep private, such as app notifications and content, will not inadvertently be seen by others.

“Users can now lock an app; and for additional privacy, they can hide an app, moving it to a locked, hidden apps folder.”

Apple has revealed major artificial intelligence upgrades coming to its biggest products – including iPhone.

Apple unveils mind-blowing upgrade that lets iPhone owners create unique AI images of friends and family

The tech giant showed off new AI tricks as part of a new feature called Apple Intelligence, including major improvements to Siri (now 13 years old) and built-in ChatGPT.

It includes the option to use a re-designed Siri that’s more natural to use, knows more about what you’re doing on your phone, and can interact with apps like never before.

And Siri can now tap into ChatGPT to provide you answers to your questions.

Apple’s move gives rivals Google and Microsoft – both of which have their own AI chatbots – more competition.

Siri can now prioritize your notifications for you based on your habits.
And it can proof-read and summarize things you’ve written.

You can use it to create totally original images using Apple Intelligence – and they can be personalized for your conversations.

For instance, wishing someone a happy birthday lets you create a photo of the person surrounded by balloons.

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It’ll also understand the context of things inside your apps and phones – like understanding when a meeting is being rescheduled in your emails, and how that relates to other things you have planned.

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