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City officials convert tennis courts to pickleball courts in parts of Palm Beach County



Welcome to The Dirt! I’m real estate reporter Kimberly Miller with the latest developments in the sizzling market. 

It’s finally come to a head folks. We knew it was going to get messy. Not even a United Nations peacekeeping envoy would want to tackle the griping as a pickleball wave threatens to overwhelm those still clinging to the ancient sport of jeu de paume, also known as tennis.

Tennis courts are increasingly becoming pickleball courts in some northern Palm Beach County communities and tennis players are just a smidge put out. Not that they’ve got anything against pickleball, but, really, can’t we all just get along?

Speaking of getting along, there’s a new affordable housing complex named Peace Village that is being planned on property owned by the Union Congregational United Church of Christ, and another called Berkeley Landing opening June 14 in Riviera Beach. Berkeley Landing is practically waterfront living just steps from the Intracoastal Waterway with 110 units with mucho amenities.

Also, a unique lakefront home sold in Palm Beach for $49.6 million, and Westlake is getting a Taco Bell!

Don’t pickleball my tennis court!

The tennis players feel dissed and the pickle ballers are all a titter as more courts are converted to the growing sport that must be as addictive as Sour Patch Kids because everyone seems to be linked in a pickleball Borg brain where resistance is futile.

These are the tough decisions city officials have to wrestle with in 2024. Is there a pickleball lobby? Apparently, Palm Beach Gardens is the lone wolf in not being assimilated into the pickleball hive mind as other northern locales have given in to the Collective. (This is all Trekkie stuff, BTW. Sorry for going there.)

Affordable housing for older residents could get piece of housing bond

The 104-unit Peace Village that has been approved for construction at the southwest corner of Summit Boulevard and Haverhill Road is the second partnership this year between a nonprofit and developer to build much-needed housing in Palm Beach County.

Peace Village is a fine name and hopefully reflects the tranquil nature of a senior community at peace with each other and the neighbors because there can be a lot of bellyaching that goes on in those Del Boca Vista-style communities where nitpicking is an Olympic sport.

Palm Beach lakeside home sold for first time in 35 years

IHOP’s got nothing on house flippers in Palm Beach County, which is why a home at 315 Chapel Hill Road in Palm Beach is unusual in that before June 4 it hadn’t changed hands since the late owner bought it in 1989 for $3.4 million. Its most recent purchase price was a recorded $49.6 million.

The house sits just south of the grand Kapok tree at the Royal Poinciana Chapel, and is one of only a dozen homes on the Lake Worth Lagoon between the Flagler Memorial Bridge and the Royal Park Bridge. As you’ve come to expect, the buyer is a Delaware-registered limited liability company, which means that their identity is so top secret former President Donald Trump may have stashed it in a Mar-a-Lago bathroom.

Westlake soon to have tacos and coffee (not together, that would be ick)

About 7,000 people now live in Westlake so why shouldn’t it get its own Taco Bell, Starbucks and an Orange Theory Fitness to work off all those 5-layer burritos and iced lavender oatmilk lattes? A Planet Fitness and a Tractor Supply store are also in the works.

Westlake is shooting for enough retail and entertainment businesses that folks don’t have to drive to other cities for their tacos, coffee and tractors. And that’s good. Less driving is good.

Live lightly.

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