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Concerns for woman regularly pushing 3 full shopping trolleys on busy Cork roads



She has become a very familiar – and concerning sight for residents, commuters and parents doing the school between the city centre and Douglas, a woman pushing three very heavily laden shopping trolleys in a ‘relay’ system in the middle of busy road lanes.

The woman has been a daily sight for weeks, travelling from the city centre, via the South Mall, Angelsea Street, the Southern Road and Douglas Road, morning and evening, back and forth, pushing her three shopping trolleys, one by one, in stages, for several miles.

She pushes one forward around 100 metres, leaves it in the road, goes back for the second, pushes that forward and then goes back from the third before starting all over again on her next stage. She has been doing this most days for at least a month.

These trolleys are heavily loaded with 2-litre water bottles and other items and often topped with a full-sized mountain bike and large tarpaulins. The physical effort alone must be very demanding and the woman regularly has the trolleys in the middle of the lane, blocking traffic and posing a serious risk to herself and others.

Cork South-Central Councillor Shane O’Callaghan has regularly seen the woman and came across her last night, while canvassing in Douglas ahead of the upcoming local elections.

Cllr O’Callaghan told CorkBeo: “I have had quite a few local residents ask me about this woman, they are very concerned for the risk of accident to herself and to others. “

“I saw her myself again while canvassing yesterday evening and she was out in the road, with three very heavily loaded trolleys. It’s clearly very dangerous, she is out there in the morning rush hour, it seems every day now and anybody travelling between the city centre and Douglas will be aware of her.”

Cllr O’Callaghan said the Council was limited in its powers to deal with this ‘very unusual situation’ but that local residents have told him they hope something can be done to resolve the issue.

The woman with her trolleys on the Southern Road – we have blurred her face to protect her identity

CorkBeo understands that Gardai on the southside of the city have intervened on a number of occasions, following reports of the woman on the road with shopping trolleys.

Senior Gardai have – so far – not been able to resolve the issue, despite their serious concerns for both the woman herself and the risk she poses to road users.

Cllr O’Callaghan said a way to deal with the issue will have to be found, for the safety of the individual involved and road users and residents in the area. Locals are also concerned about the drain on Garda resources, at a time when stations in the city are severely undermanned.

In a separate case, on the nearby South Douglas Road, local residents have made several reports to Gardai of a young man who has been walking out into traffic and standing in front of cars and buses.

CorkBeo understands that on Friday evening last, Gardai responded to reports of a young man standing right in front of a bus on the South Douglas Road close to the Dosco Business Park. He had earlier attempted to jump on the bonnets of several cars, before standing, immobile, in front of a city bus and only moving off after several minutes.

It was not the first time that the young man, who has a beard and wears a black ‘hoodie’, has been seen engaging in this dangerous and bizarre behaviour in the middle of roads in the area.

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