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Debunking 5 Myths About Leo Zodiac Sign | – Times of India

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac and is known for being confident, generous, and natural leaders. But there are some wrong misconceptions about Leo that need to be cleared up. Let’s talk about five of them :-
1. Leos Always Want Attention
Leos like to be the centre of attraction, but that doesn’t mean they’re always asking for attention. They’re confident and attract people naturally, but they also enjoy their own space sometimes.
2. Leos are Stuck-Up
Leos may seem sure of themselves, but that doesn’t make them stuck-up. They’re proud of what they do, but they’re also humble and kind to others.
3. Leos are Selfish
While Leos focus on what they want, it doesn’t mean they’re selfish. They’re actually quite giving and like to share with others, especially their loved ones.
4. Leos Always Need Approval
Leos appreciate compliments, but they don’t always ask for compliments to feel good about themselves. They believe in themselves and value their own opinions.
5. Leos are Dramatic
Leos might be dramatic sometimes, but that doesn’t mean they love drama. They’re passionate and expressive, but they also want things to be peaceful and happy.
Leo is a sign with many good qualities, they are confident, generous and passionate. These myths should not overshadow their genuine qualities.

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