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Diving Into Digital: Our Favorite Fashion NFT and Web3 Projects of June 2023

This month, fashion NFT and Web3 projects fully embraced the power of community. Brands dove into the realms of collaboration, inclusivity and shared experiences within immersive digital environments that offer users one-of-a-kind experiences.

Standout examples include Nike’s and Fortnite’s Airphoria, PUMA’s introduction of Black Station 2, Fenty Beauty and Fenty Skin’s immersive experience on Roblox and The Metaverse Pride 2023 event organized by Polygonal Mind.

Besides, brands explored phygital retail avenues. Alongside their partnership with Epic Games, which incorporated virtual fitting rooms, fashion shows, AR and other immersive experiences, LVMH integrated Apple’s “Tap to Pay” system in its U.S. stores. PUMA also expanded payment options to include credit card payments alongside cryptocurrency.

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Fortnite and Nike’s Air Max IP Joined Forces for the New “Airphoria” Experience

Nike announced the launch of Airphoria, an immersive gaming experience within Fortnite, as part of its ongoing partnership with Epic Games. The experience revolved around five iconic Air Max Grails suspended above a city, representing significant moments in Air Max’s history. Players could embark on a journey to retrieve these sneakers, which were scattered throughout the city. To coincide with the launch, users could also purchase Airphoria-themed outfits in Fortnite’s Item Shop. A limited physical collection is still available on Nike’s website.

PUMA Continued to Explore Web3 With New Metaverse Experience

PUMA introduced its latest venture into the metaverse and NFT realm with the launch of Black Station 2. This immersive digital world offers a unique retail experience, featuring digital wearables and a physical sneakers for purchase. Black Station 2 builds upon the existing digital retail destination, merging the digital and physical realms to reinvent the omnichannel shopping experience. Within the space, users can explore two distinct worlds: Unkai, inspired by Shibuya in Japan and Unter, influenced by Berlin’s underground club scene. The inaugural release showcased the highly anticipated Fast-RB, a running shoe incorporating PUMA’s advanced technologies such as NITRO pods and PWRPLATES.

Louis Vuitton Released a First-of-Its-Kind Trunk

best digital fashion nft web3 metaverse projects releases nike louis vuitton fenty beauty

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton introduced its first-ever digital trunk, dubbed VIA Treasure Trunk, which serves as a platform for users to explore new dreams and realities while collecting exclusive phygital creations. This trunk acts as a catalyst for future creative endeavors and functions as a portal into the brand’s world, unveiling new limited products and experiences throughout the year. Owners have the opportunity to unlock unseen collectibles in both digital and physical forms by purchasing digital keys.

LVMH Announced Partnership with Epic Games and Apple

best digital fashion nft web3 metaverse projects releases nike louis vuitton fenty beauty


During the Viva Tech Innovation Award ceremony, luxury conglomerate LVMH, the parent company of Louis Vuitton, announced two new partnerships. The first is with Epic Games to revolutionize its creative process, incorporating virtual fitting rooms, fashion shows, AR and other immersive experiences. The second partnership is with Apple to introduce the “Tap to Pay” system in U.S. stores. These announcements follow Louis Vuitton’s introduction of the VIA Treasure Trunk, its first digital and NFT luxury trunk.

Fenty Beauty and Fenty Skin Unveiled Virtual Pop-up Experience on Roblox

Fenty Beauty and Fenty Skin launched the Fenty Beauty + Fenty Skin Experience on Roblox, a global immersive platform. The virtual world will be accessible until July 30, offering a co-creation opportunity for Fenty Beauty’s Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer. Users can explore interactive activities, scavenger hunts and mazes to learn about Fenty’s popular products and ingredients. A highlight is the Fenty Beauty Lab, where guests can design their custom lip shade and showcase it in a virtual retail display. Rihanna will select a winner whose creation will inspire the next Gloss Bomb product, available for purchase in 2024.

Lacoste Waded Deeper Into Web3 With Launch of UNDW3 CARD

best digital fashion nft web3 metaverse projects releases nike louis vuitton fenty beauty


Lacoste introduced the UNDW3 card, a personalized experience program that utilizes blockchain technology to reward brand builders and creators. The card provides digital access to exclusive experiences on Discord, representing the holder’s participation and increasing the asset’s value. UNDW3 combines fashion, sport and Web3 technology to redefine brand loyalty beyond transactions, emphasizing creativity, conversation and gaming. Previously known as the Genesis Pass NFT, UNDW3 engages its community on Discord, generating millions of messages and granting privileges like creating profile pictures and accessing limited-edition merchandise and events.

Weekday Launched “Artifact 001” With the Fabricant

best digital fashion nft web3 metaverse projects releases nike louis vuitton fenty beauty

Weekday x The Fabricant

Weekday and digital fashion powerhouse The Fabricant partnered to explore the world of digital collectibles. The collaboration built on their previous forays into AI, avatars, AR filters and virtual experiences. Their first release, Artifact 001, comprised 300 limited-edition digital collectibles: a one-of-a-kind pair of sunglasses in black and white. The design inspiration behind Artifact 001 drew from the organic formations of stalactites and stalagmites, bringing together ancient elements with the emerging digital landscape.

Tribute Brand Tapped Waste Yarn Project and Chromie Squiggle to Launch 100% Zero Waste Generative Sweaters Project

Tribute Brand and Waste Yarn Project partnered to develop unique sweaters using generative Chromie Squiggle code. The digital script transforms the code to generate physical and digital wearables linked to individual Chromie Squiggles. Each item is recognizable as 1of1ofX, tied to its owner. The sweater’s appearance is determined by variables like Chromie Squiggle type and color spread. Crafted by hand in about twelve hours, the sweaters pass through the hands of two to three artisans. Embedded with Tribute Brand NFC chips, they connect to the Tribute App for authentication, care instructions and the ability to change the digital appearance through AR technology.

Somerset House Channel Released Rashaad Newsome’s New Commission “Hands Performance”

best digital fashion nft web3 metaverse projects releases nike louis vuitton fenty beauty

Rashaad Newsome

Artist Rashaad Newsome’s digital commission, “Hands Performance,” is now streaming on Somerset House’s online platform, Channel. The project explores the vogue fem element of storytelling through hand movements. Collaborating with Black Queer ASL interpreters and motion capture technologists, Newsome translates poetry into a movement dataset, highlighting unique aspects of American Sign Language within the Black and Queer community. The dataset is integrated into “Being” the Digital Griot, an AI entity that seamlessly transitions between ASL signing and expressive dance. The film combines futuristic visuals with an energetic score, celebrating Black Queer vernacular while centering ASL deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals.

Central Saint Martins Collaborated With Myami to Inspire Next Generation of Fashion Creators

best digital fashion nft web3 metaverse projects releases nike louis vuitton fenty beauty

Central Saint Martins x Myami

Tech-luxe fashion brand MYAMI partnered with Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, in a global initiative to inspire future fashion creators. The collaboration aims to support students in the emerging luxury multi-sensory fashion sector, which is projected to reach a value of £3.8 billion by 2031. The partnership explores the possibilities in both the physical and digital realms of fashion. MYAMI aims to empower the next generation, recognizing that Gen Z will be significant consumers of luxury fashion. Their upcoming showcase will feature a multi-sensory borderless fashion collection.

Toei Animation Metaverse Project “Onn’on Studios” Opened Third New World

ONN’ON STUDIOS, a virtual space on VRChat, is a new venture by Toei Animation. They have created multiple worlds, starting with the “DogaStudio1956” and “Nostalgia1999” projects. Now, they are introducing their third project called “ImaginaryPark2070.” This multiverse theme park combines four different areas: the 1956 Oizumi Gakuen Area, 1999 Akihabara Area, 2017 Haneda Airport Area and the Near Future Shibuya Area. Each area features iconic elements from various animated series and is illustrated by talented artists.

Deliveroo Published a Unique Look Into the Future of Food in 2040

Deliveroo marked its 10th anniversary with its Snack to the Future report, predicting food trends in 2040. The report explores breath-prints guiding food choices, personalized Me-gan diets powered by AI, foodgasms through digital content, edible beauty products, 3D-printed meals, VR dinner parties and restorative restaurants. It envisions alternative grains, alcohol alternatives and solo dining popularity. Deliveroo’s research reveals consumer excitement for solo dining, virtual sensory experiences and breath-prints.

Polygonal Mind’s Metaverse Pride 2023 Took Over Decentraland to Celebrate Inclusivity and Empowerment

Polygonal Mind unveiled the Metaverse Pride 2023 event, a virtual celebration of unity and self-expression in Decentraland. Co-created by the community, the event showcased the limitless possibilities of virtual environments and offered an immersive experience. Metaverse Pride ‘23 featured a dynamic lineup of art installations, live music, discussions and opportunities to connect with a diverse global community. The event represented a milestone in virtual experiences, emphasizing collaboration and inclusivity.