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Don Cheadle reflects on filming classic NFL commercial with Chiefs legend Dante Hall



Don Cheadle reflects on filming classic NFL commercial with Chiefs legend Dante Hall

This weekend’s American Century Championship will feature Kansas City Chiefs Pro Bowler Travis Kelce, legend Marcus Allen, award-winning actor Don Cheadle, and more. From July 12-14, competition coverage will be on NBC, GOLF Channel, and Peacock.

Chiefs Wire’s Ed Easton Jr. spoke to tournament participant Cheadle, reflecting on his early 2000s NFL postseason commercials, including one featuring Chiefs Hall of Famer Dante Hall. He also shared thoughts on current Chiefs stars in recent commercials.

“That’s so funny. I saw Dante (Hall). I’m in Hawaii right now, and I saw him out here. I saw that. We reminisced about that. That was a lot of fun. Yeah, those commercials were great,” said Cheadle. “He was obviously; you go back and look at the highlights. It’s insanity what he was doing. Making entire teams have to do their whole scheme to stop him was pretty great to see. It’s a great thing. I don’t know if he’s playing (America Century Championship) in this next year. It’d be great to see him again.”

Cheadle has noticed the many commercials starring Chiefs players like Kelce, Patrick Mahomes, and Head Coach Andy Reid. He playfully acknowledges their acting efforts while praising Kelce’s comedic timing.

“Yeah, I’m not gonna go out there trying to throw a 60-70 yard pass or coach the team, and I imagine they would have a commensurate reaction if I tried to coach their team,” Cheadle explained. “They’re funny. I think Travis (Kelce) is especially funny in his commercial; he makes me laugh, and Andy (Reid) makes you laugh for different reasons.”

The veteran actor and avid golfer has earned nominations for an Academy Award, two British Academy Film Awards, and eleven Primetime Emmy Awards. He is on a short list of performers to be nominated for the four major American entertainment awards, better known as the ‘EGOT.’

Check out the website for more information about the American Century Championship.

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