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Euro 2024 Predictor: Plot the path to glory with Paddy’s snazzy simulator



Bamboozled by the Euro 2024 format? You’re not the only one, pal.

You should see Paddy’s cop-drama style whiteboard in Power Tower. Pieces of string linking Serbia to Slovakia, Spain and Scotland with giant question marks everywhere.

Eat your heart out Line of Duty.

Anyway, the long and short of it seems to be that pretty much everyone makes it out of the group with four third-placed teams heading in the knockouts.

Frankly it makes path plotting nigh-on impossible. Until now.

The results are in!

Your winner of the UEFA Euro 2024 is

That’s because the clever tech team have put Paddy out of his misery and fired up the super computer to make our Euro 2024 predictor tool which the brighter among you would have noticed is just above this sentence.

Now you can actually work out who might be sneaking into a best third-place spots, where that would put them in the knockouts and who they might face if they progress.

England fans can work out exactly how it’s coming home, everyone else can have them losing to Romania in the last 16. The choice really is yours.

Once you’ve run all the different possibilities it’s actually quite handy for separating the wheat from the chaff when pondering your tournament bets from outright winner to top scorer and player of the tournament.

You know the Euros countdown is well and truly on so why not while away a few hours and plot a path or two. It’s nearly time!


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