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Evansville sports bar preparing for Super Sunday

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) – Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner, so no matter how you celebrate, now is the time to make sure you’re prepared.

Being prepared for Super Bowl Sunday is something local bars and restaurants are expected to be.

When it comes to a place to eat, drink, and watch a game; regulars say there’s a lot to like about Doc’s Sports Bar.

“It’s the only place that’ll have us,” said a group of Doc’s Sports Bar regulars.

The owner of Doc’s, a man known as Big Cat, is in his seventh football season owning the bar.

Big Cat says their food, especially their wings and variety of homemade sauces, set them apart from the competition. He’s also worked to cultivate a specific, welcoming atmosphere.

“There’s an element of it that feels like you’re hanging out, watching the game with Big Cat in his garage,” said Big Cat.

In his time working in bars, Big Cat has learned how the people’s tastes change in Evansville leading up to the Super Bowl.

“They go from really, really enjoying Busch Light; to really, really, really enjoying Busch Light,” said Big Cat.

Big Cat says the bar’s regulars keep them busy during football season. He says many people throw their own parties at home, which means plenty of to-go orders for them.

That being said, Super Bowl Sunday is still, unsurprisingly, a very busy day for them.

“And it’s a lot of those same regulars that look forward to kind of putting a bow on the season together and watching the final game and hugging it out before they go off to spring and summer plans,” said Big Cat.

He says it all comes down to preparation, and making sure they have enough staff and supplies on hand.

Big Cat says he feels good about Sunday, but he could feel better.

“I’m feeling like I wish the Detroit Lions would have kicked that field goal, but it’ll be okay, it should still be a good game, and we’ll be back next year,” said Big Cat.