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Fashion expert says it’s time to bin summer essential you likely have



IT might not be wall-to-wall sunshine just yet, but most of us are already planning our summer outfits.

One stylist has revealed there is one item that should be removed from your wardrobe though, especially if you want a chic look this summer.

You are probably guilty of having this item lurking in your wardrobeCredit: Getty
The influencer and celeb stylist urged fans to ‘upgrade’ this fashion essentialCredit: tiktok/@caitlin_jaymes/

If you aren’t already following Caitlin Jaymes on TikTok, you probably should be.

When she is not organising celeb closets, the A-Lister stylist is sharing what essentials you need in your wardrobe and how to rework classic pieces.

With her videos regularly gaining over 10,000 views on TikTok, this fashionista is arguably become of the app’s biggest experts on everything style related.

Though she is usually telling you what to add to your wardrobe, Caitlin recently went viral for sharing her thoughts on the summer staple: the denim shorts.

Despite most of us having a pair at home, you might want to rethink this.

According to the expert, these shorts can actually make you look dated and cheap.

“If you still have any of your micro jean shorts, especially the ones that are super distressed, this is your sign to upgrade,” she pointedly told fans.

In a now viral-video, the stylist revealed that she prefers longer shorts as these are more ‘versatile’ and look effortlessly chic.

Rather than opting for a skin-tight look, the fashion forward influencer will opt for an A-Line fit.

She also urged fans to look for linen shorts, saying that they were perfect for ‘dressing up’ and ‘down’.

If you still can’t let go of your Daisy Dukes just yet, Caitlin did have some words of wisdom on how to style them.

“I do like the look of a jean short, I just think it needs to be styled a little bit differently and of course, we are not doing something that is super micro,” she explained.

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The TikTok star added: “If you want to do [jean shorts and] distressing, just do a little bit of a frayed hem…I also like to style them with more classic pieces, like a cashmere sweater [and} some ballet flats.”

While the stylist was convinced about getting rid of the cult summer staple, others revealed that they’d hated denim shorts even when they were trendy.

One joked: “Never had that style because I like my rear end not to be showing.”

Another added: “Got rid of those a long time ago. But then had high wasted ones. Then realized as I got to be 27 why am I still wearing these: I’m not 18 anymore lol.”

Caitlin says to avoid micro and super distressed denim shortsCredit: tiktok/@caitlin_jaymes/
Blue denim shorts might be summer essential we can do withoutCredit: Getty

To which, the influencer replied: “Totallyyyy like I don’t need my butt out…and [they are] so uncomfortable to sit in.”

Others weren’t convinced with a third arguing: “Jean shorts are great as long as it looks classy (what you showed) not trashy and cheap.”

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A fourth then complained: “The longer ones make me look even shorter.”

We wonder what other throwback summer fashion is also lurking in our wardrobe.

The stylist says that linen shorts are great for this summerCredit: Getty

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