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Fashion fans race to Sainsbury’s for ‘perfect’ beach bag with stunning price tag



Fashion fans race to Sainsbury’s for ‘perfect’ beach bag with stunning price tag

WARMER weather means one thing: beach days. 

And whether you’re hitting the British coast or jetting off somewhere tropical, having the right bag for all your beach essentials is key. 

Shoppers are raving about this Sainsbury’s beach bagCredit: Instagram/aimeevivian
The versatile design doubles up as a work and shopping bagCredit: Instagram/aimeevivian

Imagine the convenience of a spacious bag that effortlessly holds your beach towel, sunscreen, a good book, snacks and even a change of clothes. 

Now, picture this all in a design that turns heads and complements your beach attire. 

Enter: Sainsbury’s

The supermarket’s in-house fashion label, Tu, has dropped a stylish colour-block crochet bag perfect for summer. 

The zip-up tote features block stripes of black and beige crochet, and even has a zip-lock compartment on the inside. 

Content creator Aimee Vivian took to Instagram to alert other shoppers to the handbag. 

But it was the £12 price tag that really had her stunned. 

“I cannot believe this bag was only £12,” she said. 

“It’s my new beach bag, hand luggage, work bag – everything!

“I actually love it.”

Vogue Williams shows off two pieces from her Sainsbury’s collection on family safari holiday

Have you ever dug through a cavernous, disorganised bag in search of your sunglasses, only to come up with a handful of sand? 

A well-designed beach bag includes double lining and zip compartments – just like the Tu piece. 

A stylish beach bag isn’t confined to the shoreline, either. 

Its versatility extends to a variety of summer activities, from picnics in the park to casual city strolls and weekend getaways. 

In Aimee’s case, Sainsbury’s £12 piece will be perfect for work. 

The same attributes that make a beach bag ideal for sandy shores —spaciousness, durability, and style —also make it perfect for other warm-weather adventures. 

This multi-functionality helps you make sustainable fashion choices and find staple for your summer wardrobe.

Reasons to shop supermarket fashion

When looking for new pieces to add to your seasonal wardrobe, or update your basics, there’s no need to spend hours walking around clothes shops, or scrolling online. Just pick up a dress or two alongside your fruit and veg…

They’re convenient – Chances are you visit your supermarket more times than a shopping centre or high street.

It’s affordable – For basics  to more fashion-led pieces, supermarkets are leading the way for budget fashion that doesn’t look cheap.

They’re more on-trend that you think – With a customer database larger than the average high street store, shops like ASDA, Sainsbury’s and Tesco are able to cater to the markets and predict trends in a lot more areas than just food supply.

They fit well – Fits and lengths often come with a little more modesty in mind. Fabrics are often highly practical too—think plenty of 100% cotton that can be thrown into the washing machine without thought.

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