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Fashion People Will Be Wearing This Pretty, Lingerie-Inspired Shorts Trend All Summer



This season, an unexpected shorts trend has been doing the rounds on social media, and now it’s squaring up to become one of the biggest looks of the summer.

Offering something distinctly different to the long shorts and boxers that are circulating elsewhere, bloomer shorts are starting to crop up on the feeds of eclectic dressers. Found in soft cotton, chiffon or silk, the lingerie-inspired shorts often feature frilly hems, billowy cuts and lacy details. Whilst the bloomer shorts trend feels new this season, it does tap into the playful underwear-as-outerwear aesthetic that has been dominating the fashion scene for the past few years.

Another reason for its sudden surge in popularity—the term “bloomer shorts” piqued on Google Trends by 150% this week compared to last—could be rooted to the latest series of Bridgerton, where undergarments of this nature are rife on screen. It’s no coincidence that we’re starting to see the emergence of other regency-style underwear come back to the fore, either—think corsets and suspenders.

Influencer wears bloomer shorts.

Back to modern day and reality, I’m seeing fashion people will style these shorts with, well, just about everything. Personally, I recommend keeping things simple—a basic T-shirt, vest or lightweight knit will offset the frilliness of the shorts and stops them from looking too “costumey”.

Influencer wears bloomer shorts.

While it might sound niche—and due to the fact the trend is completely brand new—I was surprised at just how many bloomer shorts there were on the market. From Fruity Booty’s espresso-coloured pair to Free People’s pretty white styles, I’ve assembled the best pairs for you.

Influencer wears bloomer shorts.

(Image credit: @mobinapeiman)

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