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Five mummified remains destroyed in Dublin crypt fire



An investigation is under way after a man set fire to the crypt at St Michan’s Church of Ireland in Dublin.

The vicar of the church said five mummified remains were destroyed during the efforts to put the blaze out before it took hold.

The incident happened shortly after 4pm. It is believed one person, who had gained entry to the crypt, lit the fire.

The scene has been sealed off and a team from the Garda Technical Bureau is currently carrying out a forensic examination.

It is estimated there is around one foot of water in the crypt.

St Michan’s Church was originally established in 1095

In February 2019, the crypt was broken into and an 800-year-old mummy known as ‘The Crusader’ was decapitated during the incident.

The skull of ‘The Crusader’

A man was later jailed for the crimes of five counts of criminal damage, including two of damaging a dead body.

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