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Flight attendant explains cunning real reason they greet passengers on planes



As the summer holiday buzz kicks in across Ireland, a flight attendant has dished out the inside scoop on the ‘real reason’ passengers receive those welcoming smiles as they board their flights.

We’ve all been there, stepping onto a plane to be greeted by the crew, poised at the entrance, ushering us to our seats. While it might seem like they’re just setting the stage for a comfy flight, one cabin crew member has thrown a curveball, claiming that’s not really what’s going on. She’s let slip that this is actually a prime time for a quick passenger assessment before takeoff, reports the Irish Mirror.

Going viral with over 18 million views and a flood of comments on TikTok, user MrsMiva, who says she works for TUI at Stuttgart airport, spilled the beans that the boarding welcome is really about spotting anyone unfit to fly. According to Mirror UK, she’s checking if travellers are “too drunk or sick”. She explained: “Did you know that your flight attendant greets you not only out of kindness but also to check whether you are too drunk or sick to fly?”

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This bombshell has sparked a wave of responses from people claiming insider knowledge, confirming it’s all part of the drill. And some added that it’s a tactic to identify potential helpers in case of an emergency.

However, passengers quickly pointed out the crucial roles of cabin crew, with several highlighting their importance in the event of an emergency. One commenter remarked that attendants assess passengers for their ability to help during an emergency: “To see if you’re 1) safe to fly (not intoxicated) and to see if you could help in an emergency.”

This point was echoed by a former flight attendant, who wrote: “FA (flight attendant) of eight years – or to check if they could be an ABA (able-bodied assistant).” Similarly, another commenter noted: “We are also picking out good candidates for the event of an emergency.”

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