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France votes to limit fast fashion excesses, Ireland must follow suit – The Labour Party



Senator Rebecca Moynihan

  • Surcharge to be introduced on ultra fast fashion
  • Tenth consecutive monthly heat record should sound alarm bells

Labour’s Climate Spokesperson Senator Rebecca Moynihan today applauded the lower house of France for taking a decisive step towards curbing the excesses of fast fashion. In a landmark move, the lower house voted to implement an environment surcharge on cheap, imported clothes, particularly targeting items from Chinese mass producers like Temu and Shein.

Senator Moynihan said, 

“France’s initiative marks a crucial milestone in the global fight against the harmful impacts of fast fashion. By introducing an environment surcharge, France is acknowledging the urgent need to address the pollution and overproduction associated with this industry. Ireland must not lag behind, we must swiftly adopt similar measures to protect our environment and support sustainable fashion practices.

“The proposed surcharge, linked to fast fashion’s ecological footprint, presents a viable solution to incentivise more sustainable consumption patterns. By gradually increasing the charge and directing proceeds towards subsidising producers of sustainable clothing, France sets a precedent for responsible environmental stewardship.

“The alarming statistics reveal the urgency of action. With a staggering 93% of used clothes meeting a fate of being dumped, incinerated, or exported annually, Ireland faces a dire need for effective interventions and Government are burying their heads in the sand. 

“Labour’s proposal for a national repair and recycling company offers a pragmatic approach to mitigate the crisis. Enabling individuals to repair and prolong the lifespan of their clothing aligns with the ethos of sustainability and responsible consumption. Government must heed this call and implement comprehensive strategies to address our textile waste predicament.

“As we witness the alarming trend of consecutive heat record alarms, as recorded by the Copernicus Climate Change Service today, it is imperative for Government to grasp the gravity of the situation. Ireland cannot afford to delay action any longer. We call on the government to swiftly enact legislation akin to France’s initiative and undertake practical policies, such as establishing a national repair and recycling company, to combat the fast fashion crisis and safeguard our environment for future generations.”


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