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Fully Remote Jobs at Apple You Can Apply for in April 2024



Fully Remote Jobs at Apple You Can Apply for in April 2024

Genuine accommodations are a big reason to support flexible options, too: Let’s not forget everyone who anticipates a need to care for young children or elderly parents, as well as any workers with disabilities that prevent them from commuting or working on an office.

Sadly, many of the downsides to working remotely come from managers and C-suite execs that can’t handle the concept – here’s how we explained the phenomenon using stats from a 2022 survey:

Some of the most surprising results detail how executive staff feel remote working affects the career progression of their employees. A huge 41% of survey respondents said remote employees would be less likely to be considered for promotion.


Why is this? Well, it can in part be explained by the fact that 43% of executives surveyed agreed that remote employees are less wired in to a company’s culture, whilst just over half (52%) felt employees working from home or elsewhere were “overly reliant on others to be able to collaborate remotely.”

Of course, if you find yourself among those overlooked for promotion when annual reviews roll around, you can always take your salary in your own hands and start looking for the next fully remote position at a company that can treat you better.

For that, look no further than our monthly roundups of the best remote jobs available at today’s top tech companies.

Do You Want to Try Out Life as a Digtal Nomad?

You don’t need to complete all your work while paying a high rent to stay in a cramped New York City or Seattle apartment for every work day. You might want to consider digital nomadism, the term for white collar workers who take full advantage of their remote status to travel the world while keeping up with their nine-to-five.

If you’d like to take a crack at it, we have a few guides that might help. First, you’ll need a job that makes it easy to travel remotely or work odd hours: Some good digital nomad jobs include web designing, data analysis, or serving as a virtual assistant.

You can take a look at all the top countries to visit as well, which involves the biggest pain: Figuring out which digital nomad visas are best, and how long you’ll be able to use them. Costa Rica, Malta, and Anguilla all topped our list, but there are many of other off-the-beaten-path options available, and some come with nice tax breaks to boot.

Just don’t forget to have a backup plan. International travel can be a challenge, and you’ll always want to have the funds for an emergency plane trip right back to your home country if anything serious goes wrong.

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