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GEM SLEEP State of Sleep survey finds people overwhelmingly understand importance of sleep for health, but are having trouble finding solutions.



MINNEAPOLIS, June 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Gem Specialty Health, Inc. (GEM HEALTH), a nationwide digital specialty care clinic, today released its GEM SLEEP State of Sleep & Care in 2024 report. The report includes findings from an open survey fielded in March 2024 that showed 89% of respondents believe sleep impacts their long-term health, but are still finding it difficult to access quality, effective sleep care.

GEM’s survey prompted respondents to answer questions regarding sleep habits, sleep importance, and access to sleep care. Findings indicate that respondents believe sleep is “extremely important” to their quality of life but still struggle to sleep 7+ hours per night, as recommended by the National Institute of Health.

Respondents indicated they have sought help for sleep problems, such as purchasing sleep aids or booking a visit with their primary care doctor. However, current care models are missing the mark. Two in five respondents said getting help for sleep issues was “somewhat” or “very difficult” and 58% said the care they received was only “somewhat” or “not very” helpful.

The survey results shed light on the barriers millions of Americans encounter trying to resolve sleep struggles. GEM SLEEP’s all-virtual sleep clinic is removing these barriers by creating access to high-quality, insurance-covered virtual sleep care. GEM currently serves patients that have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and is expanding to other sleep conditions. GEM SLEEP’s clinical services are available on-demand, removing the need to wait for in-person appointments and in-lab sleep studies. GEM SLEEP provides a simple digital experience with high-touch support throughout the process. The clinic accepts insurance and has providers nationwide.

“This is an important survey, illustrating not only how important sleep is but also how challenging it is to get a night of restful slumber,” said Dr. Mike Howell, M.D., the Chief Medical Officer of GEM. “The good news is that GEM is here to help people identify a common condition, sleep apnea, provide treatment options and importantly personalized support, helping coach people to better rest.”

The full GEM SLEEP State of Sleep & Care in 2024 report can be found here.

People wanting to get started with GEM can access care via Health plans or employers that want to offer GEM SLEEP to their members can email [email protected].

By addressing their specialty conditions, GEM HEALTH helps people live healthier, happier lives. GEM HEALTH removes the frustration of not knowing where to start or the next steps when navigating a new condition. GEM’s first product, GEM SLEEP, helps the estimated 30 million people with obstructive sleep apnea find relief. GEM provides a simple guided experience through diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing support, reducing the time to relief from months to weeks. GEM SLEEP treats patients in 50 states + DC and is actively expanding reimbursement options through health plans and employers to ensure broad access to care. To learn more about GEM HEALTH’s approach to obstructive sleep apnea, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.


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