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Goodman students win top prize at World Trade Center competition for fifth consecutive year

Students from Brock University’s Goodman School of Business continued a winning dynasty earlier this month when they secured their fifth consecutive title at the 2023 World Trade Center Buffalo Niagara (WTCBN) International Case Competition.

The annual competition took place at Niagara University in Lewiston, New York on Friday, March 10 and the Brock team competed against students from Niagara University and the University of Buffalo School of Management.

Goodman has won first place each year the competition has run. This year’s team members included Bachelor of Business Administration students Aidan Walmsley, Davis Kalil, Kathryn Van Kampen and Noah Van Belle, and faculty advisors Kent Walker and Mark Parker. The team was also supported by Goodman’s Student Programming and Engagement Co-ordinator Teighan McIntyre.

This year’s case featured WTCBN member Liberty Pumps Inc. and focused on free trade zones in China. As the winning team, the Goodman students will get to tour their facility in Bergen, New York and meet with their executive team.

Goodman’s team credits the analysis strategies provided by their faculty advisors as instrumental in assessing the case’s financial analysis and plan implementation.

“Our team approached the case by performing a problem identification to formulate our alternative to ensure supply chain efficiencies were improved and a free trade zone could be implemented,” Walmsley said.

“The team was very excited to have the opportunity to (…) present to a group of industry professionals and judges. The experience will continue to be a highlight in our Goodman undergraduate portfolio.”

The team’s faculty advisor Mark Parker said the win is a testimony to the calibre of education students are receiving at Goodman.

“It reflects well on the supportive environment our business school has fostered,” he said.

Kent Walker, who also advised the team, said Goodman students demonstrated commitment to maintain the School’s legacy at every stage of preparing for the competition.

“Their resulting presentation represented an impressive culmination of their diligently collaborative planning, research and practice,” he said. “They exhibited the professionalism and communication acumen that are hallmark skills Goodman seeks to instil in all its students.