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Healthcare tech maker Carelon to create 100 new jobs in Limerick



Healthcare tech maker Carelon to create 100 new jobs in Limerick

Carelon is hiring product managers, data and cybersecurity professionals and various types of engineers as part of its latest jobs announcement.

The Irish branch of health-tech Carelon Global Solutions is creating 100 jobs, a move which will bring its total Irish headcount to 310 by the end of the year.

As well as Ireland, Carelon has branches in India, the Philippines, the US and Puerto Rico. Today’s (19 February) jobs announcement comes three years after it first opened its base in Limerick under its former name Legato Health Technologies.

The company rebranded to its current name Carelon in January 2023 which coincided with a recruitment drive for 50 staff. The healthcare software maker has been steadily growing its Irish headcount over the past few years, with its Limerick R&D hub a focus for much of the recruitment activity.

Carelon has already begun its latest round of hiring. It is looking to add product managers, data analysts, data scientists, data engineers, DevOps engineers, cybersecurity professionals, agile operations professionals, quality engineers, as well as front-end and back-end engineers.

Rajat Puri, COO and president of Carelon praised Ireland’s “rich R&D ecosystem”, adding that the company’s Irish operations are “contributing very positively” to the global business.

“We’ve steadily grown our presence and activities here and today is a statement of our intent to continue to grow our exceptional talent pool in Ireland.”

Carelon’s Irish CEO John Shaw said, “We’re immensely proud of what we have achieved here. We set out here with an intention to assemble in Ireland a diverse and talented team of health-tech innovators to help shape the future of connected healthcare and that’s what our team is doing on a day-to-day basis.”

Shaw also highlighted the diversity of the Irish team; more than 60pc of the company come from international backgrounds. 48pc of its staff are women and it has a target of achieving gender equality by year end.

“We believe diversity is very strongly connected to innovation and it is very heartening for us that we have been able to achieve the mix we have. It sets us up very well for the future,” said Shaw, who spoke to us previously about working in Limerick. The company’s expansion here is being supported by IDA Ireland.

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