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Holiday warning after passenger banned from flight over viral packing trick



Looks like airlines are clamping down on the viral travel tip

Holidaymakers have been warned against using a viral travel hack after one passenger ended up banned from their flight.

Any budget savvy traveler who’s flown on a budget airline such as Ryanair or Wizz Air knows the struggles when it comes to baggage allowance.

Do you spend an uncomfortable few hours in the airport sweating through five layers of clothes or fork out an extra £20 to bring a second carry on bag?

It’s a tough decision we all have to make.

Travellers are often looking for ways around paying for bags. (Getty Stock Photos)

Travellers are often looking for ways around paying for bags. (Getty Stock Photos)

Of course, wherever there’s a rule, there’s also a sneaky person looking to find a loophole – with holidaymakers becoming increasingly crafty when it comes to packing their belongings in the most creative ways possible.

One trick you’re likely to have seen doing the rounds on social media is the viral ‘pillow hack’.

The tip sees travellers stuff their clothes into pillowcases and neck pillows in order to get around the extra bag fee.

And according to the videos, a pillow is considered a ‘comfort item’ by airports and means you wouldn’t have to pay the fee for an extra bag.

However it turns out that airports have cottoned onto the badly kept secret – leading to one traveller finding his holiday ending much quickly than he expected.

In a clip shared by @natashaorganic on TikTok, one traveller was seen arguing with airport security after trying to board a flight at Orlando International Airport with a pillowcase full of clothes.

Don't always listen to everything you see on the internet. (Getty Stock Photos)

Don’t always listen to everything you see on the internet. (Getty Stock Photos)

“Stop letting social media give you tips and tricks because sometimes it’s not gonna work,” she said in the clip, while filming another passenger arguing with airport staff.

“This dude was trying to take in a pillowcase full of clothing and other items which he is stating was simply just a pillowcase and the dude was was like bro, everybody can see it’s not a freaking pillow, like come on,” she continued.

“They gave him the chance to pay for it, he went all the way up until they closed the doors to be like okay, I’ll pay for it now, and then he tried to like bogart his way into the freaking, into the plane.

She went on to add that airport security ended up calling the cops to deal with the passenger after he refused to back down.

“And he ended up getting escorted out, so stop listening to the internet,” she added.

And viewers were quick to share their thoughts in the comments, with several people shocked to see that someone would risk needlessly getting in trouble at the airport.

“The airport is the one place i’m making sure i’m a model citizen. Are ppl not afraid of felonies and the no fly list?” one person wrote, while another added that being on the ‘no fly list’ is worse than a bad credit score.

“You’re supposed to put clothes and stuff in a neck pillow, not a regular pillowcase,” a third person added.

There you go, don’t believe everything you see on the internet.

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