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Holidaymaker in tight trunks at Majorca mall slammed by angry locals



LOCALS are raging after a tourist wearing almost nothing swaggered down a busy high street in Majorca.

After weeks of furious anti-tourist protests, residents in Palma have slammed the tourist for sporting speedos for a trip to the shops.

The man wandered down a street in Palma in nothing but swimming trunksCredit: Majorca Daily Bulletin
He ignored the stares from fully-dressed passers byCredit: Majorca Daily Bulletin
An anti-tourist movement has been gathering storm in the holiday hotspot, particularly in the Canary Islands and mainland SpainCredit: Solarpix

The man, working his way through the sunny city centre, is almost completely naked except for a pair of green trunks and trainers.

He strolled down a busy street surrounded by others, all fully dressed.

As the shocking pictures circulated online Spanish locals fumed, with some even suggesting he should be arrested.

One woman, Lisa, wrote: “Please arrest these near naked people.

“Or the shirtless, near nude, bikini wearing morons who wander around markets, towns and shops. Ukkk! Quality tourism can’t come soon enough!”

Others were confused about where the holidaymaker was keeping his wallet for the shopping trip, as he held only a red garment and a phone in his hand.

He apparently spent time window shopping at expensive haunts – but did not come away with anything.

The man reportedly swanned down the streets with little consideration for the funny looks he was getting.

Someone raged: “Another moron that should be banned from the island.

“If the government/police were serious, they could slowly improve Mallorca by banning all these types of idiots.”

Local resident Christopher claimed that the tourist would never behave like that at home and that his behaviour displayed a “lack of respect” typical of many tourists.

Another confused person asked why he wasn’t arrested and someone replied: “Mallorca has some great laws in place. Unfortunately, nobody seems to enforce them.”

It is in fact illegal to only wear a bikini or swimming shorts in some public parts of Spain – including the Balearic Islands.

Brits can be hit with a fine of up to £500 in the popular holiday destination for wearing swimwear or going shirtless anywhere but the beach.

While not clear where the near-naked tourist was visiting from, locals speculated that he could be British or German.

The Canary Islands and mainland Spain have seen droves of residents turn out to protest against holidaymakers in recent weeks.

Anti-tourist hordes have marched ion protests brandishing banners including some that read “You enjoy we suffer” in English.

Bitter graffiti has also been plastered in tourism hotspots over recent months that read “your paradise, our misery” and told “tourists go home”.

Tenerife particularly has gone to bat against sun-seeking Brits who have even called hotels on the island out of fear they may not be safe on their holidays.

Residents of the sun-soaked destination have said they are “fed-up” of “low quality” Brit tourists who only come for the cheap beer, burgers and sunbathing.

But the Canary Islands president Fernando Clavijo expressed his concern over the growing anti-tourism movement and begged holidaymakers to keep coming.

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The protests could now spread to Majorca, a popular hotel boss has warned.

Clothing rules in the Balearic Islands

THE Spanish government has some strict rules in place for those visiting Majorca, Minorca and Ibiza.

Certain restaurants have dress codes, banning tops without straps, swimwear or football kit.

Holidaymakers can also be fined for walking around topless or in a state of undress while not on the beach.

You could even get into trouble for driving topless.

At some hotels men might have to don proper trousers for dinner.

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Anti-tourist graffiti has popped up all over Spain
Hordes of residents in Tenerife protesting against tourism in the area
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