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Hydrogen Refuelling Infrastructure: Standardisation



Hydrogen Refuelling Infrastructure: Standardisation

Hydrogen is complementary to battery electric technology in the decarbonisation of transport.
It can decarbonise hard-to-electrify transport applications across road, maritime, rail and
aviation, particularly where long haul transport applications, faster refuelling times and economic
loads are required. IDTechEx recently published its prediction that almost a fifth of zero-emission
trucks will run on hydrogen in 2044, demonstrating the large market share that hydrogen is likely to
have in heavy duty road transport5
As road transport makes up the majority of the UK’s transport emissions, the need to decarbonise this
segment of the sector is most urgent. Thus, this Position Paper focuses on road transport and, in
particular, the area where Hydrogen for transport demand could be highest: heavy duty vehicles. In
particular, Hydrogen refuelling infrastructure is acritical enabler of the use of hydrogen for transport


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