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‘I Vacuum the House’- Father of 4, Roger Federer Divulges Intimate Details of His Exciting Life Post Tennis ‘Graduation’



There is hardly anything that Roger Federer cannot achieve! Be it the world’s number one position in tennis or receiving two honorary doctorate degrees, Federer has shown that he is a true genius in every field. While his fans find him almost next to God, Federer surprises the fraternity with his absolutely polite lifestyle revealing “I’m a dad first.”

Federer in his doctorate speech surprised his fans by revealing how much he enjoys fatherhood post-retirement. “I’m a dad first, so I guess I drive my kids to school. I play chess online against strangers. I vacuum the house. Knowing truth, I’m loving the life of a tennis graduate”- he said. Federer is a loving father of four, Myla, Charlene, Leo, and Lenny. Myla and Charlene are two identical twins born in 2009, whereas Leo and Lenny are twins too, born in 2014.

The world’s former number-one ATP star has always been vocal about his love for his kids. Previously in an interview with GQ magazine, Federer delved deeper into his joy of being a father of four. He revealed that he liked retirement because it gave him time to be closer to his kids. “And it’s the same with life now. I mean: a new space, navigating through this new life, with new projects, with my children especially. And I like this time. Even though I did say in interviews last year that I’ve never been more stressed”-he said.


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Federer’s statement in this interview screams about his love for his children. He specifically prioritized speaking about how retirement showed him his love for his kids. “But this was not because of retirement. This was just about me caring for my children together with my wife and just trying to help them go through school and all the demands. And you care so dearly as a parent, you almost, I don’t want to say I want it too much. Not at all. I feel like I’m a super laid-back guy. But just I would wake up and go like, okay: I’ve got to be there. I’ve got to help them” – said Federer.


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This former Swiss tennis maestro’s statement about his kids is inspiring for all the fathers out there. It showcased that Federer didn’t step back from his fatherly duties and ensured dedicating all his time to his kids post-retirement. Previously in 2019, Federer showed his love for his family to his fans with an adorable gesture that delighted the whole fraternity.

Roger Federer chose to fulfill his kids’ wishes amid a heartbreak

Federer fans would surely remember that ill-fated day when Roger had to accept his defeat against Novak Djokovic at the Wimbledon Finals 2019. The next day after the finals, the Federer family had planned a trip to Appenzell. Despite losing a Grand Slam final, Federer didn’t cancel his trip with his family because he didn’t want his kids and wife unhappy.


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“The kids were so excited and wanted to sleep in it the night before they left. I just thought, ‘Oh, no. Please do not! I just want to go to my bed!’ No question who got the upper hand. Even after the historic 5-hour crime thriller, the children had no mercy on Dad. ‘Of course there were six of us spent the night in the camper’”- Federer said. After this incident, fans were assured that Federer prioritizes his family equally.

Roger Federer’s unique routine that starts with his kids post-retirement is a testament to his dedication to his family. It shows that with the right intentions, one can always find some meaningful time to make their family smile.

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