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IHSAA releases new school enrollment totals for next 2-year classification cycle


The Indiana High School Athletic Association released its enrollment totals that will be used for the next two-year reclassification cycle on Monday.

The enrollment figures, which were submitted by the schools to the Department of Education, will be used to determine the classifications in the reorganized team sports of baseball, boys and girls basketball, football, boys and girls soccer, softball and volleyball for the next two-year cycle.

There is added intrigue this year as the IHSAA executive committee passed a plan last June to classify the four-class sports of baseball, boys and girls basketball, softball and volleyball by a different process. Instead of dividing the classes equally, the largest 20% of schools will be placed in Class 4A, the next 25% in 3A, the next 25% in 2A and the smallest 30% in Class A. Football (six classes) and soccer (three classes) will continue to be classified as they have in recent years.

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The classifications in each sport will be announced in coming weeks. Following that announcement, the committees made up of school administrators will present recommendations for sectional alignments that will be up for approval at the IHSAA executive committee meeting in late April. The tournament success factor will be rolled into the new alignments.

A few takeaways from the enrollment numbers (*the IHSAA made revisions to its original release so have made some changes to numbers below):

∎ The 20% number for Class 4A looks to be 81.2 schools. The No. 81 school is Logansport (1,226 enrollment) and No. 82 is Greenwood (1,211 enrollment). Keep in mind, you will have the tournament success factor rolled into the reclassification. There are also three more schools coming up for tournament eligibility in 2026-27 in GEO Next Generation, Mooresville Christian and Seven Oaks Classical School.

∎ Among the notable schools that would appear to fall into 3A in the next classification cycle are New Palestine (No. 83 at 1,209 students), Cathedral (No. 84 at 1,172 students), Crispus Attucks (No. 85 at 1,170 students) and Roncalli (No. 92 at 1,082 students). Shelbyville, Marion and East Chicago Central are among other notable schools that would fall into 3A in the four-class sports.

∎ Going by the percentages, there would be 81 schools in 4A, 102 schools in 2A, 102 schools in 3A and 122 schools in Class A.

∎ That would roughly put the 3A/2A cutoff in the four-class sports at Oak Hill (No. 183 at 538 students) and Fort Wayne Bishop Luers (No. 184 at 532 students). Again, factoring in success factor will change these cutoffs slightly. But it would appear Speedway (No. 173 at 571 students) and Cascade (No. 178 at 546 students) are well into the 3A group, while Western Boone (No. 192 at 513 students), Heritage Christian (No. 195 at 507 students), Monrovia (No. 196 at 503 students) and Cardinal Ritter (No. 200 at 498 students) would fall into 2A in the four-class sports.

∎ The Class 2A/A cutoff for four-class sports would roughly be at Riverton Parke (No. 285 at 320 students) and North Newton (No. 286 at 319 students). Again, these cutoffs are not exact due to the tournament success factor but should be in that range.

∎ Prepare for much different sectional alignment in Class 4A especially. Those will largely be five-team sectional fields, I would think. The entire week will feel different in basketball in 4A.

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