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Korean learners grow by 75%, Hindi ranks 8th in the world: Duolingo Language Report 2023

Language learning platform Duolingo on Tuesday released its global Language Report for 2023. The platform reported that it had more than 83 million monthly learners worldwide, who completed 23 billion learning lessons. The report also looked at the growing popularity of different languages.

English still found itself at the top of the charts, once again becoming the most popular language to study around the world. It was the number one language in 122 countries. 49 per cent of global learners say they are studying English for education or work purposes. This importance given to English was particularly notable in India, where 40 per cent of English learners cited education as their main motivation for language study. English learners in India also completed most lessons daily.

Korean continued to grow in global popularity as it jumped to number 6 in global rankings. It ranks among the top 10 languages studied in some of the biggest countries around the world, including India, where it grew 75 per cent year-on-year.

Hindi also became more popular over the year, with the language jumping two spots from number 10 in 2022 to number 8 in 2023. More than 8.4 million learners around the work are actively studying Hindi on Duolingo. In India, it comes just behind English as the second most popular language.

DuoLingo and YouGov

DuoLingo worked with YouGov for the language report, revealing some trends associated with travel in India. The survey of 1,022 respondents in the country found that 61 per cent of Indians saw relaxations as their main motivation to travel, along with exploring new cultures and to seek adventure and thrill.

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Also, 53 per cent of Indians emphasised the importance of language when either ordering at a restaurant or seeking and understanding directions when visiting foreign places. Interestingly, 61 per cent of Indians said they make an effort to learn basic phrases in the local language of the places they visit during their travels.