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Look your best in these glasses this year

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If you’re in the market for an accessory that instantly makes you appear more intelligent, more sophisticated, and even stylish, look no further than a solid pair of eyeglasses. Whether you’re channeling an unsuspectingly dashing Clark Kent or a more eccentric Harry Styles, optical lenses have the sartorial power to affect the way you see the world and the way the world sees you. While most of us who wear prescription glasses every day limit ourselves to whatever is carried in the office of our optometrist, there are dozens of places you can go to update your style and see as well as you are seen. We’ve seen eyeglasses from eyewear institutions like Ray-Ban, Persol, and Moscot all the way to fashion’s top tastemakers like Tom Ford and Gucci take the lead in men’s glasses.

Man in tshirt wearing glasses
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Blue Light vs. eyeglasses

No need for traditional optical frames? As our day-to-day shifts to a primarily digital interface, blue-light-blocking glasses are rising. More screen time and more strain on your eyes can cause eye strain, headaches, and even disrupt sleep patterns. Your optometrist may suggest investing in a pair to improve eye comfort and achieve better sleep. The truth is our favorite devices can cause migraines, dry eyes, and eye strain and lower the hormone production that makes it easier to sleep. While eyeglasses help you see better and will avoid eye strain, blue light glasses filter out harmful rays. So, even if you have 20/20 vision, this list is for you.

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What glasses go with your face shape?

Picking out what frames look the best on your face is vital to ensuring glasses elevate your look instead of taking it down a notch or two. For most men, we don’t think about the shape of our faces. It’s a face…why does the shape matter? Well, when you wear shapes on your face like eyeglasses, they can complement your face shape or battle it. Here is a quick rundown of face shapes and the glasses that go with them.

  • Oval – This shape is the most varied of the group. Almost all glasses fit this shape with a narrow chin, forehead, and broader cheekbones. So, have a blast picking out whatever you like.
  • Square – The strong jawlines of Clark Kent and Steve Rogers are what all men want, but it limits your choices of eyeglasses. With the sharp lines of the evenly balanced face, rounded shapes work best to even out the look.
  • Round – Similar to the oval-shaped face, what makes this face different is the even length and width. Staying with more angular-shaped eyewear will create an elongated effect.
  • Heart – Characterized by broad foreheads and cheekbones with a narrow chin, the heart-shaped face shape works best with eyewear that is more top-heavy than others. It creates consistency and clean lines from hairline to neckline.
  • Diamond – Broad cheekbones combined with narrow chins and foreheads can be tricky to match eyeglasses with. Sticking with something lighter will allow your face to do the talking. If you want heavier frames, top-heavy styles will create a balance of your features.

Don’t worry if it’s your first time buying eyeglasses. We suggest you stick to a tried and true, authentic brand and a classic style in which you feel confident. Here are 10 of the best eyeglasses for men, categorized in four universally flattering shapes (wayfarer, round, circle, and square) that are guaranteed to boost your vision and personal style game.

Ray-Ban RB5375 Optical Glasses
Ray Ban

Ray-Ban RB5375 Optical Glasses

Ray-Ban’s frames go to show that while icons are often imitated, nothing beats the original.

warby parker chamberlain
Warby Parker

Warby Parker Chamberlain

Warby Parker offers a modern take with a strong bridge and a modern translucent finish.

Oliver Peoples Ryce Optical Glasses
Oliver Peoples

Oliver Peoples Ryce Optical Glasses

Another California classic, optical brand Oliver Peoples makes one of the perfect wayfarers we’ve seen.

Persol PO3092V Eyeglasses

Persol PO3092V Eyeglasses

Expecting no less from an eyewear institution, Persol’s perfectly rounded frames featuring the brand’s signature arrow and Meflecto pressure-reducing technology are a masterpiece.

Saratoga Optical Glasses in Mercury

Saratoga Optical Glasses in Mercury

New York-based Illesteva’s Saratoga frames are easy and extremely well-done with a square frame, rounded edges, and a modern translucent grey finish.

Mascot Petie Glasses

Moscot Petie Glasses

Another eyewear institution, Moscot’s subtle chic lenses are designed by fifth-generation Zack Moscot in New York and made using handcrafted Italian acetate.

Wilson eyeglasses
Garrett Leight

Garrett Leight Wilson Glasses

The Wilson glasses from Garrett Leight embrace laid-back ease rooted in the brand’s California-based DNA.

Tom Ford eyeglasses
Tom Ford / Glasses USA

Tom Ford TF5869-B

Tom Ford has some of the best aviator sunglasses on the market, and you can bring that style to your everyday wear with these aviator eyeglasses as well. Tom Ford doesn’t do anything halfway, so along with the premium acetate body and sleek temples, he included T-shaped accents for some extra flair.

Gucci Rectangle Frames

Gucci Rectangle Frames

Gucci is one of the biggest names on the planet, regardless of industry. Sure, in the fashion world, they are royalty, but if you list the best-known brands in the world regardless of industry, they wouldn’t be far down the list. So, of course, they have eyeglasses, and of course, they make our list.

Versace Special Project Glasses

Versace Special Project Glasses

Speaking of big names in the fashion industry and across other industries, one of Gucci’s biggest competitors also lands on this list with this uniquely shaped pair of specs. And, if you have any insecurities about wearing glasses, Versace calls these their Special Project Glasses. Don’t know if that helps, but it sounds better.

There you have it, a complete list of some of the best glasses you can pick up today to elevate both your style and your vision. The world is a beautiful place, and it can be more beautiful with you looking stellar in it and seeing it in HD.

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