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Major Levi Davis update as family ‘approached’ for bombshell doc to crack case



THE family of missing Levi Davis are hoping a documentary on the X-Factor star’s mystery disappearance could finally help crack the case.

The 24-year-old was last seen leaving The Old Irish pub in Barcelona on October 29, 2022 – more than 18 months ago.

Levi Davis, 24, was last seen in Barcelona in October 2022Credit: Getty
Despite multiple searches across the city, no trace of the rugby player has ever been foundCredit: Getty
Levi was last seen leaving The Old Irish pub in Las Ramblas

Despite multiple searches across the city, no trace of the rugby player has ever been found – except his passport which was discovered at Barcelona’s port a few days after his disappearance.

Officials confirmed that the court investigation into the missing star was halted in October, a year after he vanished.

The cops’ leading theory at the time was that Levi drowned after crew members spotted a man in the sea shouting for help.

Spanish cops told Levi’s mum Julie Davis the investigation remains open – but is inactive at the moment.

A family rep has now told The Sun that a production company has approached Julie to turn her son’s disappearance into a documentary – hoping to shed light on the mystery.

They explained that while Levi’s family is desperate for answers, they want to wait for the right project.

“We are waiting for the opportunity that affords the best chance of finding out what happened,” they said.

The Worthing Raiders winger spent two weeks in sunny Ibiza with his close friend Richard Squire while on a break following a knee injury.

Levi told him he was going to see some friends in Barcelona – but he disappeared just hours after arriving on the mainland.

Just a few hours before he went missing, Levi had sent a bizarre video from the ferry’s deck to him mum.

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“Hi mum… it’s beautiful,” Levi said.

Mystery surrounds Levi’s disappearance – with his family remaining desperate for answers.

Divers searched the waters in the port of Barcelona last May – but failed to yield any clues.

The case was investigated by a group of officers at the Barcelona police station before it was handed over to a specialist investigative unit last February.

Cops said four cruise ship staff saw a person in the water, shouting for help in English, wearing a light-coloured T-shirt like Levi was seen in at 6.30am on October 30 — eight hours after he was last spotted on CCTV.

A lifebuoy was thrown to him but a subsequent search by police and the coastguard found nothing.


But the star’s disappearance sparked several theories – from having drowned to having gone missing “voluntarily” amid a £100,000 debt to a Somalian gang.

A bizarre video posted just days before his disappearance showed Levi saying he was being blackmailed by criminals who threatened to kill him and his family.

The Instagram story on his page posted four days before he vanished emerged with shocking claims.

The video — saved by a friend — opened with: “My name is Levi Davis and my life is in danger.”

He then spent 15 minutes talking about being blackmailed by unknown people who had taken pictures of him in “compromising positions”, claiming his life and his family’s life were under threat.

And a close friend of Levi revealed his Instagram account was active months after he vanished.

Chantelle Small knew Levi through his family, the two had become close through music, and they regularly messaged back and forth.

Chantelle said his disappearance “makes no sense”, but she still lives in hope that he will be found alive.

She told The Sun: “I kept going online on his Instagram and it kept showing ‘activated yesterday’ or ‘activated today’.

“I suggested to his family to work out who has access to it as well because it gives you false hope.”


As well as the theory that Levi tragically drowned, detectives have kept other lines of enquiry open – previously saying there are “disturbing” elements to the case.

Levi’s mum, Julie, previously said the probe into her son’s disappearance had been “slow”.

Spanish police added to confusion by initially stating that Levi had “not gone missing voluntarily” before telling Julie her son has most likely drowned after wandering down to the port area.

Last year, The Sun tried to retrace the star’s steps in Ibiza where he stayed with friend Richard before travelling to Barcelona by ferry to “meet some mates”. 

Levi played Premiership rugby union for Bath between 2017 and 2020, when he joined Ealing Trailfinders. A year later he signed for Worthing Raiders.

He appeared on the X-Factor in 2019 as part of the group Try Star with fellow rugby players Ben Foden and Thom Evans.

Already at the height of his rugby career with Bath, Levi signed a record deal and started playing small concerts and recording music.

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A year later he appeared on E4’s Celebs Go Dating and became the first rugby union player to come out as bisexual.

Timeline of Levi’s disappearance

Levi was having a break in Ibiza when he told his pal Richard Squire he was going to travel to Barcelona to meet some friends.

October 29, 2022: Levi is seen leaving The Old Irish Pub in Las Ramblas, Barcelona, alone with a rucksack on his back.

Later sightings place him at the Hard Rock Cafe.

October 30: At 6.30am – hours after Levi is last seen – cruise ship staff spot someone in the water as the vessel docks.

The person is wearing a light-coloured T-shirt like Levi’s and shouting for help in English.

A lifebuoy is thrown but a coastguard search finds nothing.

November 6: Levi was reported missing a week after he vanished, by his friend Squire.

November 19: Levi’s passport is found in Barcelona’s port area near to a cargo shipment.

February 5, 2023: His chilling video emerges in which he claims he is being blackmailed.

February 28: Three weeks after Levi’s video became public, Spanish police said he may not have gone missing voluntarily.

March 3: Police say they are investigating whether he could have drowned after entering the port area.

May 18: Cops launch a new search for Levi in two different locations

October 27: Officials confirm the court investigation into Levi has been halted.

Spanish cops launched a fresh search in Barcelona last year but to no avail

Levi was reported missing a week after he disappeared

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