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Michigan State’s Coen Carr Discusses His Role For Sophomore Season



Michigan State’s Coen Carr Discusses His Role For Sophomore Season

Michigan State men’s basketball forward Coen Carr is the fun, show-stopping athletic fan-favorite on Coach Tom Izzo’s squad, but as his second season with the program looms, he is focused on being much more.

Carr averaged a mere 11.6 minutes per game last season but did play in every contest for the Spartans.

The high-rising forward understood that there were others who had earned more playing time.

“Last year just wasn’t my time, so we had the older guys … all the older guys deserved to play,” Carr said at the 2024 Moneyball Pro-Am on Tuesday. “So, I mean, I wasn’t complaining about that. I felt like coach put the best lineup out there that he could have put out there. So, yeah, just knowing that, just knowing that we got kind of like a fresh start, that I can come in and play a way bigger role than I did last year.”

Carr is now a returner on this team, and while he isn’t yet an upperclassman, he has a year of being in a Coach Izzo led program under his belt.

The second-year Spartan wing has an idea of what his role should look like.

“I mean, just being the versatile player that I am,” Carr said. “Guarding multiple positions, playing multiple positions on offense and just kind of being aggressive. Not passing up shots, not passing up driving lanes, just playing my game and playing the way that he [Izzo] knows that I can play, for real.”

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