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Millennials triggered by another 2000s fashion accessory popular once more



A millennial woman shuddered after finding out that another trend she thought had been left in the 2000s is popping up in stores for a second round.

The latest in a long line of trends from their teen years that millennials wish could remain a distant memory, the disc belt is the newest (or oldest) staple accessory to be making its return into the fashion mainstream.

Having spotted the accessory in-store during a recent shopping trip, a woman named Tasha felt compelled to share her discovery, knowing that she wouldn’t be alone in suddenly feeling “a thousand years old” upon seeing the item.

Tasha (@tashal1712), who is from the United Kingdom, was shopping at Primark when she saw the belt on display among the store’s summer styles.

Sharing the video to TikTok, she gained over 2.4 million views and 147,000 likes on this clip, in which she said, “Oh, we’re really doing this, aren’t we, Primark.”

The Y2K resurgence is only growing, with accessories at the helm. The trend follows hot on the heels of the Gucci logo belt, which has reappeared in recent weeks, as well as preppy headbands.

The disc belt—a staple item for it girls of the 00s—is a trend Tasha isn’t ready to bring back, as she expressed in the caption: “Not a sick joke. The disc belt has officially returned. I feel a thousand years old.”

What Do the Comments Say?

Stock image of a young woman with a disgusted look on her face. One woman couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw a Y2K fashion staple in stores in 2024.

master1305/Getty Images

Tasha wasn’t alone in her feelings toward the belt, as one TikTok user wrote, “This one has no business returning. Just know the knee high gladiator sandals aren’t far behind.”

“I actually seen someone wearing one of these the other day and I thought it was a joke,” a second commenter said. “Clearly not.”

For some, it was less about the belt itself and more about the feelings that resulted. One user commented, “I’m more upset that I’m now of an age where I’m seeing things coming back around!”

The video prompted another TikToker to call out another trend that’s seen a huge resurgence, as they added, “What is with all of the leopard print everywhere? The shops are covered in it too.”

A few lucky people are able to jump straight back into the trend without having to repurchase, as one user shared, “I still have mine. I knew it would come round again.”