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MLC 2024 Standings



MLC 2024 Standings

Major League Cricket (MLC) season two kicked off on July 4th, 2024, with a star-studded line-up lighting up the pitch. The International Cricket Council’s recognition of Major League Cricket with List-A status elevated the league’s significance.  Now, every player’s performance, from centuries to crucial wickets, will be officially recorded, giving them a platform for international recognition.

“We are really excited for the news as it’s a recognition of the standard and high quality of players taking part in the tournament,” tournament director Justin Geale in media reports. “By awarding MLC List A status for the upcoming season, it assists to acknowledge the strength and growing stature of the tournament and ultimately will help to enhance the credibility of the sport in the USA on a global scale,” he added.

With 6 matches played so far, the tournament promises to be one of a kind with Washington Freedom currently leading the pack. They have the best win-loss record (1 win, 0 losses) and a decent net run rate (+0.522). However, with only two games played, it’s too early to definitively say they’re the strongest team. Second team San Francisco Unicorns similar to Washington, have one win and zero losses but boast a much higher net run rate (+2.576) due to a dominant opening victory.

Standing third, MI New York have split their two games, showcasing inconsistency. However, their net run rate (+1.472) indicates they could be a force to be reckoned with. Los Angeles Knight Riders fourth and Seattle Orcas fifth have identical records (1 win, 2 losses). However, the Orcas have a slightly better net run rate (-1.172 vs. -0.542), suggesting they might be slightly stronger in close matches.

Texas Super Kings last on the table haven’t won any games yet (0-2). However, their net run rate (-0.6) implies they haven’t been completely dominated, and an upset victory could be brewing.

With over $100 million invested by franchise owners and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, Major League Cricket is poised for a major league impact on American cricket.

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