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Moment ambulance crashes into two tourists shopping for souvenirs



Moment ambulance crashes into two tourists shopping for souvenirs

A holiday hotspot was struck by a shocking event as souvenir shopping tourists were hit by an ambulance driver on it’s way to hospital

Video grab of the ambulance crashing into two tourists shopping for souvenirs(Jam Press Vid)

Onlookers were left terrified when an ambulance crashed into two tourists as they shopped for souvenirs in a popular Greek holiday hotspot.

A video of the shocking moment shows the pair of travellers, reportedly two women, scanning a rack of knick knacks outside a shop on a narrow pedestrian street when an ambulance passes along the road. The wing mirror cracks them both in the head, sending them tumbling into the display stand.

The scary scene took place on the Greek island of Skiathos, known for its golden beaches, turquoise waters and scorching temperatures.

According to reports, the ambulance driver was making his way back to the Skiathos Medical Centre after being called out on a job.

He got out to provide first aid to the two tourists before offering to take them to the medical centre on Friday (5 Jul) because of the encounter.

The pair were shopping(Jam Press Vid)

After being patched up on the street, the women declined to receive any further treatment at the clinic, as reported by What’s The Jam.

Locals who saw the clip were shocked. One said: “You go on holiday and end up in the hospital.”

The women declined further treatment(Jam Press Vid)

Another wrote: “The wing mirror was to blame.”

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