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Musicians rooting for Guardians? Magazine surveys 100+ performers about MLB predictions

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Spin magazine has rounded up more than 100 musicians, surveying them about their forecast of the 2023 Major League season – from their favorite team to their predicted World Series matchup.

Lo and behold, the Cleveland Guardians resonated with a few folks in this bunch.

No surprise with some – like Patrick Carney of the Black Keys, who waves the flag for the Guardians.

“Per usual as a Cleveland sports fan, I’m an optimist,” he’s quoted as saying. “The bullpen, the last seven years, has been pretty incredible. I feel like the playoffs are likely.”

Carney’s player to watch is not a dark horse, to be sure: “Shane Bieber. He’s the coolest to me. I love watching him pitch.”

The drummer – who predicts the team will go 85-77 and make the playoffs – has an ambitious World Series dream, if not a prediction:

“I’d love to see Cleveland beat someone with an outrageous payroll. That’s the dream. Cleveland vs. Dodgers, for instance.”

Columbus native Evan Westfall of the folk trio Caamp pulls for the teams from his home state and says the Guardians will tally between 90 and 100 wins, predicting a Guardians-vs.-Mets World Series.

“Would love to see Frankie Lindor face his old team in a best of seven. That’d be some good television.”

Westfall pegs Bieber and Jose Ramirez as players to watch.

“Jose is a hard runner and always has a huge chaw in his lip,” the magazine quotes him as saying. “I respect the hell outta that. If I ran that hard with a lip in, I wouldn’t be able to make it to first without spewing.”

Sam Getz of Cleveland-based Welshly Arms says if the team plays the way they did last season, “I feel like they can take the American League Pennant.” He loves the addition of Josh Bell to a team he predicts will go 95-67.

Will they make the playoffs? the magazine asked.

“100%,” he said.

Getz forecasts a rematch of the 1995 Cleveland-Atlanta World Series, which the Braves won in six games.

Atlanta-raised singer-songwriter and Braves fan Lauren Morrow is hoping for a 1995 repeat also.

“I’d love to see the Braves vs. Guardians in the Series. Take me back to 1995, baby!” she’s quoted as saying.

The Crystal Casino Band’s Joey Mamlin is more guarded in his predictions, but says, “It’s possible that they are still a year or two away from title contention, but the window is almost here.”

But he predicts a playoff run, saying, “I haven’t been this excited for a baseball season since 2017.” In 2016, Cleveland lost to Chicago in a hard-fought seven-game series.

Despite predicting the Guardians will go 98-64, he says he doesn’t see a World Series berth in their future this season.

“It pains me to say this, but I think we get a Subway Series, Mets vs. Yankees.”

Several musicians in the survey who did not tab the Guardians as their favorite team did predict them to make the World Series.

Bambara’s Sam Zalta said he sees his Mets beating the Guardians in six games. Rapper Serengeti of Chicago cheers for his White Sox and forecasts “a battle with the Guardians for the (American League Central) division.”

Nashville singer-songwriter Caroline Spence decided to goof a bit with her World Series prediction, riffing on Joey Votto’s recent comment about aliens landing, the Reds winning the Series, and Votto swooshing off to another world:

“Reds, after five months training with Votto’s aliens, and Guardians and then The National plays ‘The National Anthem’ and all of Ohio rejoices!”

Here’s Spin’s story with the musician Q and As.

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