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Mwani Qatar: Qatar makes great strides in port infrastructure projects

Doha, Qatar: The State of Qatar has achieved important leaps in infrastructure quality in projects including ports, roads, or storage and supply, Executive Vice President of Operations at Mwani Qatar, Captain Abdulaziz Nasser Al Yafei said yesterday.

Addressing the Qatar Indicators Conference themed ‘Challenges of Continuity and Progress’ and organized by Dar Al Sharq Group, Al Yafei hailed Qatar’s huge leaps at all levels over the past years.

He noted that Qatar was ranked 19th globally in the World Banks Logistics Performance Index 2023 in infrastructure quality in the fields of trade and transportation, 14th in the quality of logistics services, 46th in the timeliness of shipments, and 43rd in the customs clearance operations efficiency.

He added that Qatar came 15th in the WBs Competitiveness Report on the port services quality, 7th in the international shipments index, and 42nd in the Liner Shipping Connectivity Index, which reflects the important role played by Hamad Port as Qatar’s main gateway for trade with the world, in securing stable and sustainable supply chains that provide customers from various parts of the region with integrated and competitive services that play an effective role in stimulating the maritime transport and logistics sector, and enhance global trade.

He pointed out that Mwani Qatar is proud to participate as a platinum sponsor in the first Qatar Indicators Conference, pointing out that its sponsorship of this conference confirms its commitment to social responsibility and its constant keenness to support activities that contribute to improving the economic sectors in the country, especially the maritime transport sector and logistics in line with the strategic plan of the Ministry of Transport, which aims to transform the State of Qatar into a vibrant regional commercial center in the region, in order to achieve the goals of the Qatar National Vision 2030.

Al Yafei explained that the generous investments that were pumped into the infrastructure in the country contributed to achieving a qualitative leap in the operations of Mwani Qatar, with strong and major support from the operations of Hamad Port, whose opening represented an important beginning to raise the capabilities of the logistics sector in the country and enhance its added value thanks to the supply chains built in cooperation with local and international partners.

Hamad Port today is a pivotal port for more than 30 navigation services that contribute to providing direct and indirect shipping services to more than 100 maritime destinations around the world at competitive prices and high efficiency, he added.