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NBA Champion And Face Of The NBA Jayson Tatum Is Rightfully Named The Newest 2K Cover Athlete



NBA Champion And Face Of The NBA Jayson Tatum Is Rightfully Named The Newest 2K Cover Athlete

Boston Globe. Getty Images.

I gotta be honest, I cannot recommend your favorite team winning a championship enough. It absolutely rules in pretty much every way imaginable. Every single day since June 17th has been better than I ever could have imagined, and frankly, I don’t see an end in sight. We all spent years wondering what this moment and feeling would be like for the Tatum/Brown Era, and now that it’s here and they’re finally champs, the good times keep rolling.

Seeing headlines like this will never get old

Seeing NBA Champion Jayson Tatum feel free and open to talk all the shit he wants

Getting awesome news today that fellow NBA Champion Derrick White is now joining his pals on Team USA


it’s all been fantastic. Again, I would highly recommend experiencing a summer like this. It truly is the best.

We can also add today’s news to the list, as NBA Champion Jayson Tatum continues to fulfill his Celtics legend prophecy as he is now the 3rd Celtics champ to become the newest 2K cover athlete (Kyrie also made it for 2K18)

For me, this aspect of Tatum’s story is one of the best parts of him winning a title as a Celtic. It allowed him entry into one of the most exclusive basketball clubs in existence. Sure we always knew he was good and destined for greatness, but until you win your own banner you simply cannot enter the club with all of the other Celtics greats. Getting that official stamp is what makes this championship so special for Tatum (and Jaylen Brown). For the rest of their lives, they will forever be in the club with the KG’s, the Birds, the Pierces, the Havlicheks, the Heinsohns, and the Russells of the franchise. Stamped, for eternity.

In today’s world, that also means getting the 2K cover nod. There was a leaked picture of the new 2K cover floating around the internet a few days ago that I didn’t love, but now that we see this version I am relieved. I do kind of like how the green jersey pops, but this new cover still plays. In terms of the moment/photo they chose, it’s hard to complain.

Most importantly, this now presents me with a certain dilemma and one of my biggest pet peeves of all time when it comes to video games/2K. I am someone who spends years building their 2K dynasty. I’m still rocking the AD 2K20 (barf) version that I play pretty much every day (currently up 3-1 on the Pacers in the 1st round if anyone was curious). I refuse to re-buy each season’s 2K because all I really care about is my dynasty. I’m not really interested in being in Year 6 of my plan and then having to start all over. This is also true for Madden, The Show, etc.

The fact that 2K doesn’t allow you to transfer this shit over to the new game (at least I think), is the biggest fumble of all time. I would gladly buy a new game every year if it meant I could keep playing something that I have put WAY too many hours into. So now that Jayson Tatum is on the cover, I’m in a pickle. I obviously want to replace the AD version with this one, but I’m not sure I am ready to lose the roster/situation I have spent these last few years building when it comes to my dynasty team. 

Now, I am leaving open the possibility that I am a moron and this is actually possible to do, but I don’t think it is. At least not that I could find. If someone reading this blog knows how to make that happen, please tell me in the comments. I really don’t want to bite the bullet and give up on my 2K20 team, but I think my hands might be tied because there is no way I can’t not buy the Jayson Tatum NBA Champion version. I’ve waited his entire career for this moment.


Really I just need 2K to figure their shit out and let us as users transfer over our data or whatever. It cannot be that complicated in 2024. Maybe take a second and stop with all the A.I bullshit and figure out how to solve that problem instead. I feel like we as a society can all agree with that.

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