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NFL bettor wagers $500,000 on 49ers to beat Chiefs in Super Bowl 2024

The 2024 Super Bowl is shaping up to be a classic Pros vs. Joes game on the betting front.

It would seem that the professional sports bettors are all targeting the 49ers this weekend, who have been favored in every game this season.

The latest is a $500,000 bet on the 49ers’ moneyline at -125 odds at Caesars Sportsbook, one of a slew of massive bets being reported out of the legendary casino and sportsbook.

Seemingly, all significant wagers are on the 49ers for the Super Bowl as the props look to slam San Francisco, a team that is more complete overall but doesn’t feature the best quarterback in the NFL in Patrick Mahomes.

San Francisco is a 2.5-point favorite over Kansas City in this Super Bowl rematch.

A $1 million wager was placed on the 49ers last week, along with two $500,000 bets coming on San Francisco this week, according to Ben Fawkes.

These are the reported biggest bets on the big game.

Meanwhile, the largest bet on the Chiefs has come in on FanDuel Sportsbook, which took a $200,000 bet at +110 odds, which would pay out $220,000.

This is by far the largest wager on the Chiefs thus far.

BetMGM, which notably hasn’t reported any of these larger wagers, told The Post on Monday that 70 percent of the total money was on the Chiefs.

Patrick Mahomes is being faded by the sharp bettors ahead of the Super Bowl. Getty Images

In terms of bet count, a whopping 82 percent of tickets were on the Chiefs as well.

Among other notable big bets, Patrick Everson of the Las Vegas Review reports that two other major bets came on the 49ers, with a $110,000 bet coming in on the 49ers -1 on SuperBook and a $105,000 wager on 49ers -1 with -105 odds.

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The whales are flocking and fading Mahomes.

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