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NFL Scout Drops Bold Thoughts on Browns QB Deshaun Watson



NFL Scout Drops Bold Thoughts on Browns QB Deshaun Watson

The Cleveland Browns are entering the 2024 NFL season with high expectations and hopes.

Deshaun Watson is entering his first season with the team healthy and free of off-the-field distractions. The only thing that he’s dealing with is pressure to find success and prove that he can be the franchise quarterback that the Browns acquired him in a massive blockbuster trade to be.

In each of his first two years with Cleveland, Watson has only played in six games. He has been unable to stay healthy and has not produced at a high level when he has been on the field.

While there are major concerns about his ability to turn things around in 2024, an NFL scout has revealed some bold thoughts about the 28-year-old quarterback.

“When Cleveland acquired Deshaun (Waton), he gave promise of superstar production. It hasn’t gone well yet, but that success is coming in 2024. He has never been so locked in and motivated. I think this is the season that the Browns feel really good about the king’s ransom they traded to get him,” the scout told me.

Hopefully, that prediction ends up becoming reality. If not, the Browns may be forced to consider making a move at the quarterback position.

Last season in 2023, Watson played in six games as previously mentioned. He completed 61.4 percent of his pass attempts for 1,115 yards, seven touchdowns, and four interceptions. Watson also rushed for 142 yards and another score.

Back in his last season with the Houston Texans in 2020, his numbers popped off the charts. He racked up 4,823 passing yards to go along with 33 touchdowns and seven interception. In addition to those passing numbers, he ran for 444 yards and three touchdowns.

Should Watson be able to get back to his 2020 level of production, Cleveland could be a potential serious contender in the AFC.

While no Browns fan is getting their hopes up, Watson knows this could be his last chance in Cleveland. If he fails to deliver a good year, the Browns could look to move on from him. That could end his future as a starting quarterback as well.

A lot is riding on the 2024 season for the talented quarterback. Staying healthy is a must, but he also needs to get back to the level of confidence that he displayed with the Texans.

Expect to see a much more motivated version of Watson to start the new season. Cleveland fans should remain cautious, but there are major reasons for optimism surrounding him.

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