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Not Bronny James but THIS College Basketball Star Set to Land at Lakers’ No. 17 in 2024 NBA Mock Draft, Reveals Insider



Purdue star Zach Edey has been making a buzz in the NBA Draft scene, with strong indications that he may be a prime pick for the Los Angeles Lakers at No. 17. Edey’s towering 7’5″ frame and productive performance at Purdue have turned heads, and he would more likely be targeted by other top teams as well.

As per NBA insider Brett Siegel, the Los Angeles Lakers are carefully evaluating their options, including the possibility of trading their 17th pick to strengthen their current roster. 

The 17-time NBA champion team could consider trading their pick to acquire an established name to complement LeBron James and Anthony Davis. However, selecting a player like Edey could also be a sensible move for the Lakers, as they have long sought a true center to pair with Davis in the frontcourt. 

Edey’s proficiency in pick-and-roll sets could form a formidable frontcourt duo with Davis. Despite potential fan displeasure, Edey’s presence in the paint could make him an excellent fit for the Lakers. 

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Chicago Bulls are also eyeing Zach Edey at No. 11

With the Chicago Bulls eyeing Zach Edey as a potential draft pick at No. 11, the franchise is faced with a critical decision on how to add value to their roster in a draft class lacking in star power. 

The current front office regime, having limited experience in selecting inside the lottery, recognizes the importance of this selection, especially with the need to rejuvenate the roster following the acknowledgment that the current “Big 3” may have reached its peak. 

While Nikola Vucevic provides stability in the frontcourt for the time being, the need for a long-term plan at center is evident, and Edey’s emergence as a draft prospect has caught the Bulls’ attention.

However, the potential selection of Zach Edey at No. 11 is not without its considerations. While Edey offers a strong inside presence with his shot-blocking and post skills, questions arise regarding his ability to adapt to the modern NBA game that demands versatility on both ends of the court. 

With the draft class presenting other intriguing prospects with higher star potential, such as Ron Holland, Nikola Topic, or Stephon Castle, the Bulls face a dilemma in prioritizing Edey’s safer floor over the potential upside of these dynamic players.

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