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Peter Phillips daughters give thumbs up to dad’s new girlfriend?



Peter Phillips, his new girlfriend Harriet Sperling’s romance heats up amid royal health woes

Princess Anne’s son Peter Phillips – who’s making headlines for his new romance – has reportedly introduced his NHS nurse girlfriend to his daughters, who seemingly have new girlfriend go ahead.

It comes after King Charles III’s nephew Phillips and his new girlfriend Harriet Sperling were caught on camera sharing smooch at the Gloucestershire Festival of Polo in Tetbury last Saturday.

“As they arrived at the polo, Peter was introducing Harriet to some of the guests, but she seemed to know quite a few people, so she’s clearly been on the scene a little bit,” a source told Hello!.

“They had a table where they had lunch and were joined by Peter’s daughters, Savannah and Isla, and Harriet’s daughter.

“The girls had obviously been on the fun fair and were sitting on a massive shark plushie that they’d won, it was all very relaxed. At one point, Savannah returned to the table and seemed a bit upset, and Harriet was putting her arm around her and comforting her,” the source added.

“They’re a tight unit, very quickly, they seem to be a bit of a family. Harriet seems very motherly and very good with the kids.”

Phillips’ relationship with Sperling was confirmed last month, with a source confirming he had met someone “recently” and they were “spending time together”.

The source continued: “They were laughing, taking selfies, she was taking pictures with the kids. At one point they were posing together as a couple and Savannah was taking pictures of them. It was totally relaxed, while Peter and Harriet were chatting, Isla was off playing somewhere, Savannah was with a group of pals watching the polo from the stands and then they would all come together now and again.”

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