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Peyton Manning Daily Fitness Routine: How Does Peyton Keeps Himself Fit? – The SportsRush

The two-time Super Bowl-winning champion, Peyton Manning, is considered the best regular-season quarterback in the league. Manning was a skilled player who had immense knowledge about the sport. Along with that, the QB has one of the best work ethics of any professional athlete. He looked like his best self on Sundays. This certainly makes one think about what did he do to prepare himself.

Manning is certainly one of the best shot-caller. That is not because of his ability to pass within the pocket. But because of his ability to lead his team by understanding defenses and calling audibles on the line of scrimmage. The star QB has all the records one can imagine. It is also important to note that the longevity and success of his career are due to his intense workout regime and daily diet plan.

What did Peyton Manning do to keep himself fit?

The five-time NFL MVP grew up with NFL QB dad Archie Manning. Archie not only taught his son about passing, but he also taught him a strong work ethic and inspired him to never lose sight of his goals.

Manning was tall and skinny in high school until he started an intense weight-lifting program. Additionally, he watched hours of game film. It was clear that he was a step ahead of other quarterbacks.

The Pro Football Hall of Famer has an intense off-season exercise program. He prepares in the off-season at D-1 sports, created by Will Bartholomew. He works on his core because the exercise helps him absorb all the hits he takes on the field. These are the exercises he did:

What did his diet plan look like?

Nutrition was an essential part of his preparation for games. Whenever the game started, the fourteen-time Pro Bowler ate the same pregame meal. It included grilled chicken, a plain baked potato with a side of broccoli, a bowl of pasta with marinara sauce, and a few Gatorade.

Potatoes and pasta contain carbs that help fuel energy. His carb-heavy meals, which he ate three to four hours before a game, gave him energy on the field. Hence, his nutritious diet plan and rigorous exercise routine helped him achieve the kind of success he had in the league.