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Pharma Pulse 6/11/24: Aligning Patient Burden with Planetary Burden, Health for Mankind Company Launches DIABIMETRICS & more



Aligning Patient Burden with Planetary Burden

How making trial participation easier can reduce the impact on the environment.

Early Diagnosis and Intervention in Asthma, COPD Reduces Health Care Utilization

Patients with undiagnosed asthma or COPD who received usual care from their primary providers were more likely to visit the hospital or specialists because of respiratory illness.

Navigating Success During a Rare Disease Product Launch

Rare disease products account for half of all US FDA approvals, most with fast-track designations, which means compressed launch timelines and increasingly competitive markets with smaller patient populations. Organizations need to start their project journey 24-36 months prior to approval to gain a comprehensive understanding of the patient journey, educate providers effectively, foster advocacy, and establish a clear path to diagnosis and access to treatment. Early alignment to a cross-functional strategy supports decisions about prioritizing and judiciously allocating limited resources pre-approval.

If you are developing assets for rare disease indications, take advantage of this presentation to learn how to ensure your launch is set up for success.

CrowdStrike Chief, FBI Agent and Others Discuss Spies, Threats and Deepfakes, at WSJ Tech Live: Cybersecurity

Event looked at national security, ‘pig-butchering’ scams and AI.

Health for Mankind Company Launches DIABIMETRICS

Health for Mankind Company, a digital health startup, announces the introduction of DIABIMETRICS™, a digital health platform designed to revolutionize diabetes management with a focus on historically underserved communities. This significant tool is available through Google play with Apple’s App store coming online shortly.

UpScriptHealth on LinkedIn:

“It has taken far too long for healthcare to adjust to the digital world; however, today we are seeing clear and decisive demand for digital solutions to address current problems with care delivery. Specifically, UpScript partners with pharmaceutical and medical technology companies to improve patient access by providing telemedicine visits for patients seeking innovative therapies, from prescription medications to medical devices to diagnostic tests.” – UpScriptHealth Founder & CEO Peter Ax in Pharmaceutical Executive

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