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Public order unit deployed to “peaceful protest” in Clonmel, Tipperary – Gript



The public order unit of An Garda Síochána has been deployed to a protest site in Clonmel, County Tipperary as opposition against the building of 82 modular homes on land owned by the HSE on Heywood Road continues. 


Speaking to Gript, local man David said that the protests have been going on for “about two or three months” and that there is huge concern over the plans of the Department of Integration to construct the ‘rapid build’ homes in the area. 



He said that despite promises of dialogue between the Dept. and the local community heavy machinery had arrived in the area this morning and that large numbers of Gardaí and Public Order Unit officers arrived at the scene. 

David said that two recent meetings held in the area attracted several hundred attendees and that locals are actively boycotting businesses that are providing services to the site such as contractors, caterers, and those providing accommodation to workers on the site. 

“You have the caterers, the security, the cleaners, people providing laundry,” he said, outlining that all of these service providers were being boycotted by those involved in the protest.

He said that despite the Dept. saying that the 82 homes – which TD Mattie McGrath confirmed to Gript are being erected without planning permission – are for the use of Ukrainians, local people are not satisfied with this after it was announced that another Ukrainian accommodation centre in the area is being turned over to house international protection applicants. 

Speaking to Tipp FM McGrath said that he had received a briefing on the matter in April  but was asked “not to disseminate it” .

“We can’t give people a taste on a Friday evening at 6.30 and tell them hang on ‘til you might know more. ”he said. 

“They’re saying it’s for Ukrainian children but no one believes that,” said David.

“82 modular homes is what they’re talking about putting in there” he said adding that there were concerts that this number could increase dramatically given the size of the site which he said was “over 220 acres”.

 “The fear is that it could be extended very easily,” he said. 

David said that travellers who live on a halting site adjacent to the field were also unhappy with the situation as they have been “grazing their ponies on it over the last 50 years,”.

“They don’t want to be put off the lane because they’ve nowhere else to put their ponies,” he said. 

He said that a recent incident on the grounds of the Dundrum House Hotel where Ukrainians are currently being housed in lodges on the land has sown fear among the community after a man died after injuries sustained during an alleged assault which took place on the grounds of the centre.

The Journal reported that Ukrainian IPAS accommodation resident,  Ivan Volkov (65) “with an address at House 2, Holm Oak Cottages, Dundrum House Hotel, Dundrum, Co Tipperary, appeared before the court, charged in connection with the fatal assault of Shamil Nabiev, a 69-year old native of Azerbaijan.”

He said that there was concern for the safety of female students in the area who use a bus to attend college in Limerick as there had been reports of incidents taking place. 

“That’s why there’s a lot of hostility against any outsider [anyone wishing to use facilities such as the gym, golf course etc.]  going into the hotel,” he said. 

“The locals had two meetings,” he said, adding that “the first had over 200 people there and the second had over 300 people attending.”

He said that locals were hoping to send a message to businesses involved with IPAS by “dissuading anyone going in” in order to “bring the business to its knees,”. 


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