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R Madhavan recalls how he quickly gained and lost weight for Rocketry: ‘For three months, I only ate cake…’



Actors go to any lengths to bring their on-screen characters to life. R Madhavan did the same for Rocketry: The Nambi Effect, in which he essayed the role of scientist Nambi Narayanan.

In a conversation with Curly Tales, Madhavan recalled gaining weight, and how applied kinesiology helped him. “I did a lot of research to find out how I can put on weight and then lose it quickly. The research took me to a test called applied kinesiology — which tells everybody, every one of us — how we are at any given point of time intolerant to a type of food because of our emotional state,” he said.

So, for three months “I only ate cake”, he continued, adding, “I only ate what I was intolerant to. So, the whole body (kind of) bloated up. It was difficult to bend down and tie my laces. But post that period, I only ate food that was good for my body. No exercise, no running, no surgery, no medication,” shared Madhavan.

madhavan R Madhavan gained weight and lost weight quickly (Source: R Madhavan/Curly Tales/Instagram)

What is applied kinesiology all about?

Applied Kinesiology, also known as muscle testing, is a type of medical practice in which muscle strength is tested to diagnose various health problems and determine the treatment.

“It provides valuable insight to individuals about their intolerance of the food because of their emotional state. It is similar to Newton’s law of motion, ‘Every reaction has equal an opposite reaction’. Some people believe that applied kinesiology can effectively help in losing or gaining weight swiftly without any extra effort like exercising or intensively hitting the gym. It helps maintain weight by identifying the underlying problems and imbalances in your body that might directly affect your metabolism rate, digestion, and overall health,” elaborated Dr Sonal Anand, psychiatrist, Wockhardt Hospitals Mira Road.

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What happens in this test?

In this test, said Dr Anand, your muscle strength is tested to look for any food allergies or sensitivities, hormonal imbalance, or nutrient deficiency. “Based on these tests, a tailored diet plan is made that aims at managing weight loss and improving overall health,” he added.

What to note?

Dr Anand stressed that the effectiveness of applied kinesiology in weight loss or weight gain is not backed up by any scientific evidence. “Losing or gaining weight can vary and depend on various factors like eating habits, metabolism rate, lifestyle choices, and underlying health conditions,” said Dr Anand.

Consult a dietician or doctor to know more about your body, metabolism, and how to manage weight effectively. A dietician can help you create a tailored diet plan that is customised according to your goals like whether you want to lose weight or gain without compromising on your body’s nutritional requirements, added Dr Anand.

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