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Resting in between jobs…



Resting in between jobs…

Sid Richardson and his team run a proud ship at ARA. “It even has a swimming pool for the inmates.” Jenny’s face lights up. “Do you know it is a model shelter? It has everything an animal could need or want.” Humans? Teams composed of dedicated volunteers and full-time staff work around the clock. João Fereira their General Manager, has a big smile and a generous heart where the ‘lodgers’ are concerned. “Some of the animals are so badly damaged they cannot be re-homed straight away.” He has several of his own, some with missing limbs. “I don’t know every dog’s personal history. Being that they are abandoned. But here every animal has a chance.” Looking around ‘Cabanita’ we could actually dare ask do they take humans as well? Jenny agrees. “What! Just look at the place.”

Impressive entrepreneur Sid had just built the shelter when he discovered there was a small hole in the aftercare of abandoned animals. “Unfortunately animal owners die. Their pets are finally found a home. But at some cost to the animal’s welfare.” Cats are found withering in sheds or cupboards. Skeletal dogs chained to fences. The list goes on. “ARA’s ‘Legacy’ project tries to bridge the gap between an owner’s passing and an abandoned animal.” Right. “Simply appoint a guardian, complete a form to register your pet(s) and we do the rest.” Sounds like a doddle. “There are no associated costs. But it would be great if the current guardians included ARA in their will. Or make a donation.” Sid and João welcome ‘Legacy’ enquiries. “It all is done on a one-to-one basis. Come and see our beautiful shelter. ARA’s facilities and dedicated re-homing figures tell the full story. ‘Legacy’ gives them a proper ‘happy ever after chance’ after you have gone.” A home for life.

Different courses in Portimão, with selected quality goodies, The Garden will be hosting APAA’s Pop-Up on Friday 28th June 12-3pm. Known for its special gourmet-style approach to its Vegan & Vegetarian Snacks, and pastries. Go for it! Goodies, jewellery, sunshine gifts.

Charity shops at Alvor and Silves, are always full to busting with bargains and goodies throughout the year. Check out Alvor’s new makeover! If you want to help, have any money-raising charitable ideas for events, or ‘Pop-Up’ near you? Don’t just think about it. Please, pick up your phone, and drop them an email.

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