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Roger Federer reveals fears during tennis career as Wimbledon icon lifts lid on retirement



Roger Federer has admitted he always feared injury would wreck his tennis career, with the Wimbledon icon now at peace with his retirement.

The 42-year-old is considered one of the greatest players in the sport’s entire history, having won 20 Grand Slam titles.

Federer was particularly impressive at Wimbledon, winning that major on eight occasions – more than any other.

He opted to walk away from the sport back in 2022, abandoning his rivalries with the likes of Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic in the process.

Roger Federer has opened up with the Wimbledon icon enjoying his retirement


Federer has now spoken to ahead of a new documentary detailing his final days as a tennis player.

And the Swiss maestro has admitted he always feared injury would scupper his career, with the 42-year-old now very much at peace.

“I always felt that career could always end with any injury – and it’s only tennis, I always tried to remind myself,” he said.

“Every time I won a match or a tournament, especially a tournament, I knew it could be my last, and so you always have to live it in a life where one day you’ll be home and then you will not be a tennis player anymore.

“You will only be a former tennis player. And I think that mindset has helped me not being, like, too worried about the afterlife of tennis.

“It’s been a great transition. I’m very happy and I’m happy it was the way it was supposed to be for me.”

Explaining why he quit when he did, Federer says an issue with his knee was behind his decision.

“I had a little bit of luck – unfortunate luck – with my knee,” he continued.

“My knee was getting worse and worse, so I think I got a feeling and a taste of how life was going to be once I’m retired, being home more and so forth.”

When some sports players walk away, it can be tough to adjust.

After so many years of hitting balls, Federer could be forgiven for pining for the sport.

But he says retirement has been ‘really smooth’ and that he enjoys spending time with his wife, Mirka, and their four children.

“Retirement is great. It was smooth,” he said. “It’s been really smooth. Super happy in my life.

“We have four beautiful children. There are twin boys that are 10, twin girls that are 14, and then my wife.

“We’ve just been travelling around the world, having the best time, and obviously helping them with school, and then having projects like this one.


Roger Federer

Roger Federer won eight Wimbledon titles throughout his career


“So, I’m keeping busy with that and it’s been wonderful.”

Meanwhile, Federer recently received an honourary degree from Dartmouth College.

Speaking to this year’s graduates, the tennis legend reflected on his career and said he remembered the experiences, as well as the results, with great fondness.

“Tennis has given me so many memories but my off-court experiences are the ones I carry forward just as much,” he said.

“The places I’ve gotten to travel, the platform that lets me give back, and most of all, the people I’ve met along the way. Tennis, like life, is a team sport.

Roger Federer

Roger Federer has paid tribute to wife Mirka and his young family while the Wimbledon icon reflected on his retirement


“Yes, you stand alone on your side of the net, but success depends on your team.

“Your coaches, your teammates, even your rivals, all these influences help you to make you who you are.

“I learned this way of thinking from my parents. They always supported me, always encouraged me, always understood what I wanted and needed to be.

“My family is a team, also feel very lucky my incredible wife Mirka, who makes every joy in my life even brighter, and our four amazing children Myla, Charlene, Leo and Lenny are here with me today.

“And more important, we are here for each other every day.”

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