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RTE’s Maura Derrane suffers horror injury on way to work before going on air



RTE star Maura Derrane has told how she suffered a horror injury while she was on her way to work to go live on air.

The Today Show host has been covering for Oliver Callan on RTE Radio One over the past week.

Maura Derrane has suffered two fractures to her wrist after a shock fall
Maura told fans that she still managed to host her radio show while in agony

Yesterday, Maura took to social media to tell fans that she had suffered a nasty fall just before heading out to host the show.

In a clip posted to her Instagram, the 53-year-old held up her arm brace and said: “I am here in the VHI Swift Care clinic in Carrickmines. I have a broken paw.”

The mum-of-one explained how she took a tumble in her house and fell on to her wrist.

Whilst in pain Maura managed to get in her car and drive down to the RTE radio station where she put an ice pack on it and took some painkillers.


The popular presenter continued to host the radio show but told followers that the pain was “really bad”.

She said: “Afterwards, I thought that I probably need to go and sort it out, especially since I am due to go away on Thursday.”

Maura told fans that the results revealed that she had two fractures in her wrist, one being her scaphoid.

She sadly remarked: “So, it looks like I’ll be going nowhere this week.”


She highlighted that it “goes to show just how easy it can be” as she added “it was the simplest fall”.

She added: “I literally just slid on my heels, came down the stairs turned the corner and then fell down and I didn’t think I had broken it, I thought that I maybe bruised it, but I didn’t realise that I actually had two fractures.

Maura Derrane shows off new hair do

“Not one, but two, I mean that’s great!”

And famous friends all flocked to the Instagram comments to wish the star a “speedy recovery” after her terrible trip.

Lorraine Keane shared her advice on fracture recovery as she wrote: “Oh no Maura. You poor thing. Make sure you get a DXA scan before you go to check your bone-density. Our bone density decreases 30 per cent after 40 during perimenopause & menopause.

“It’s quick and easy @blackrock_dxa do them. You need to make sure you don’t have osteoporosis or osteopenia. Check out my instagram of me getting one when I fractured my ankle in 3 places last year walking the dogs. Thankfully my results were great!”

James Patrice said: “Speedy recovery Maura!”

Roseanna Ruane added: “Oh Maura!”

And Orla Diffily remarked: “Oh no, wishing you a really speedy recovery. Well done pushing through this morning. You are some woman.”

This morning, Oliver Callan was quick to share his love for the Galway host as he took back the reigns of his daily show on RTE Radio One.

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He said: “Good morning. Oliver Callan here, back from my holidays in June-tober. What did I miss? Is the election count over yet? No, it’s not.

“My great thanks to Maura Derrane for keeping the fire lit and feeding the RTE squirrel while I was away. Go raibh maith agat, Maura. We have a great show for you today.”

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