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Sarah Ferguson gets new title as she proves loyalty to King Charles



Sarah Ferguson gets new title as she proves loyalty to King Charles

Sarah Ferguson is determined to play it safe as King Charles’ feud with Prince Andrew hits stalemate.

Speaking to the Daily Express, royal biographer Andrew Lownie branded the Duchess of York the “comeback queen” for braving through a deluge of crises over the years.

Meanwhile, the duke has been mired with a slew of controversies, leading to stripping of his royal titles due to his association with late convicted sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein.

More recently, the disgraced prince invited the King’s wrath over refusal to vacate the Royal Lodge for smaller accomodation at Frogmore Cottage.

Lownie told the outlet: “Think of Fergie, she’s the comeback queen, she keeps being caught doing naughty things, and she still comes back, there she is, back in the royal fold.”

“He can come back, but he’s chosen not to for some reason,” he continued. “My instinct is that he hopes his reputation will be restored by her testimony being found to be inaccurate, but my research shows that all the things fit.”

Sarah and Andrew were married for ten years before officially parting ways in 1996, however, they have continued to maintain amicable relations with one another ever since.

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