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Sean McDermott “couldn’t be more proud” of the Bills

With a 6-6 team that’s failed to live up to expectations, there was plenty on Bills head coach Sean McDermott’s plate this week even before an article outlining a speech he gave to the team in 2019 was released.

In that speech, McDermott used the 9/11 terrorists as an example of a group showing good teamwork and communication. McDermott said last Thursday that he apologized for that reference shortly after making it and he spoke to the team again this week in an effort to address what became the dominant story of the days leading up to their game in Kansas City.

All of that played out alongside questions about edge rusher Von Miller playing despite being accused of assaulting his pregnant girlfriend, but the Bills were able to focus on the task at hand against the Chiefs. Their 20-17 win provided a big boost to their playoff hopes and McDermott praised the job his team did in his postgame press conference.

“Our guys, the staff, the players, were steadfast in their focus. I couldn’t be more proud of a group, I really couldn’t, at this point in the regular season,” McDermott said, via the team’s website. “To a person, they didn’t flinch. They were focused, they supported one another, they supported me and I don’t take that for granted at all.”

The Bills still have work to do, including a game against the Cowboys next Sunday, but they got a win when anything else would have triggered panic about the state of their season.