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Summer travel warning as government U-turn on airport rule



UK holidaymakers are being warned of a change to airport luggage rules just weeks before summer. The government has made a sudden reversal on the rules concerning the quantity of liquids passengers can carry in their hand luggage when departing from UK airports.

The new rule states that all passengers leaving the UK can now only carry 100ml in liquids, pastes and gels in their hand luggage until further notice. This announcement follows the approval given to some airports to allow passengers to carry up to two litres of liquids in their hand luggage, after the installation of new CT scanners.

Bristol Airport was one of the UK’s international airports announced it was introducing the state of the art security scanners, which would allow passengers to carry more than 100ml of liquids.

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But in a sudden U-turn from the government, passengers will need to ensure their hand luggage liquids are in a single clear plastic bag, and that they remove the bag from their hand luggage before it goes through the security scanner. Liquids over 100ml will need to be put into hold luggage.

The Department for Transport (DfT) stated that only passengers travelling from London City, Newcastle, Leeds Bradford, Aberdeen, Southend and Teesside airports would be affected – as these are the only airports which had introduced the scanners in time for the previous June 1 introduction.

However, the confusion over the applicable rules has resulted in numerous airports facing security delays since the start of June. Passengers at Birmingham Airport have been forced to queue for up to two-and-a-half hours to get through departures, with many having to stand outside in the rain. The airport has attributed these delays to the installation of scanners and passengers arriving too early.

A spokesperson for the Department for Transport (DfT) stated: “From 00.01 on Sunday 9 June 2024, 100ml restrictions on liquids will temporarily be reintroduced for passengers travelling from six regional airports where Next Generation Security Checkpoints (NGSC) are in full operation.

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