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Super Bowl LVIII props: 7 best, fun, whacky bets

Few things in life go better together than the Super Bowl and prop betting.

Some sportsbooks have over 500 prop bets for the Super Bowl, and some get really creative. That helps make up for the fact the Kansas City Chiefs are playing in the game. Needless to say there will be quite a few San Francisco 49ers fans this weekend.

The props in this story are from DraftKings Sportsbook in Colorado. Colorado is much stricter on Super Bowl novelty props than other states. For example, the Super Bowl odds for coin toss are not allowed. So depending on the state, the regulations will vary.

Here are the best, fun and whackiest Super Bowl 58 prop bets.

Let’s get the whackiest out of the way first.

1 Will there be an Octopus?

For those who don’t know, this is a player scoring a touchdown and the ensuing two-point conversion.

In the history of the Super Bowl, only one octopus has happened. We just so happened to see it in Super Bowl 57 last year. Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts rushed for a touchdown and then scored the ensuing two-point conversion.

Current odds for an Octopus to happen:

2 Will there be a Scorigami?

A scorigami is when the final score is one that has never happened in the NFL.

In terms of the Super Bowl, there have been three. Unfortunately, all three involved the Denver Broncos.

The Broncos 43-8 loss to the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII; the Broncos 55-10 loss to the 49ers in Super Bowl XXIV; the Broncos 39-20 loss to the New York Giants in XXI.

So a scorigami in the Super Bowl is rare; especially since the Broncos are playing.

Current odds for a Scorigami:

3 Safety to be scored

There have been nine safeties scored in the history of the Super Bowl. Two involving the Broncos.

The first play from scrimmage in Super Bowl XLVIII when the snap sailed over Peyton Manning’s head, and Super Bowl XXI when John Elway was sacked in the second quarter by Giants defensive end George Martin.

So not as rare as the first two props on this list, but still unlikely.

4 I Knew You Were Trouble: Christian McCaffery 150+ Rushing-Receiving Yards

Of course, there are Taylor Swift-induced prop bets. So taking McCaffrey at this value is a nice finger in the eye of this.

McCaffrey is also in for a monster day.

Current odds for I Knew You Were Trouble:

5 Anti-Hero: Brock Purdy 250+ Yards and 2+ Pass TDs

This is the last prop involving Swift, and DraftKings has quite a few of them. But like the McCaffery one, this has good value.

If you think Purdy could have a day, this is one to consider.

Current odds for Anti-Hero:

6 First TD scorer

This is one that you’ll know right away. And the safe bet is McCaffrey for the 49ers. But as is the case for any form of gambling, there is no sure thing.

But the fact McCaffrey could and should get the ball a lot, this is a good play.

Current odds for McCaffrey first TD scorer

7 Super Bowl MVP

By now, it should be no surprise who I think gets the MVP for Super Bowl 58. McCaffrey is to Kyle Shanahan’s offense what Terrell Davis was for Mike Shanahan’s offense.

And for San Francisco to win this game on Sunday, it needs a big game from McCaffrey. They’ll get it.

Current odds for Super Bowl MVP