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The 6 Highest Paying Jobs In AI In 2024 (Average Salaries Revealed)



The 6 Highest Paying Jobs In AI In 2024 (Average Salaries Revealed)

If you’re going to have a job, it might as well be well paid. Forget turning up to an office and spending 9-5 working somewhere beneath your potential. Find out which roles pay a decent chunk then tool up with experience and credentials and secure one for yourself. Talented, ambitious people have the world at their feet.

These 6 roles are some of the highest paying in artificial intelligence this year. If the description sounds like your thing, do some research, book the courses and start getting qualified. Intention, action and a little bit of luck could transform your life this year.

What are the highest paying jobs in artificial intelligence? 6 of the best in 2024.

Prompt engineer

Prompt engineers specialize in designing and optimizing prompts for AI models, especially in natural language processing (NLP). They focus on improving the performance and accuracy of AI models by creating effective input prompts that guide the AI’s responses.

This role requires a strong understanding of NLP, creativity in crafting prompts, and an ability to analyze and iterate on prompt designs to achieve desired outcomes. Get geeking out on YouTube videos, take free courses from universities and start experimenting with prompting to get really good.

Average salary: $127,000 per year

AI research scientist

AI research scientists conduct cutting-edge research to develop new AI algorithms and models. They work in areas like deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing, and robotics.

This role often requires a PhD in a related field and strong theoretical knowledge, so it might not be one for now. That shouldn’t stop you exploring the role, however. Reach out to some research scientists on LinkedIn and see if you can shadow them for a day. Understand their world, join up as a research assistant and work your way up from there.

Average salary: $130,000 per year

AI software engineer

AI software engineers integrate AI capabilities into software applications. They develop software solutions that can include AI components, such as recommendation systems, chatbots, or automation tools.

They need strong programming skills and an understanding of AI technologies. If you’re already down the engineer route, switching to AI might not be a bad move. Use your existing skills in a growing, in-demand field and get more bang for buck on your working hours.

Average salary: $147,000 per year

AI product manager

AI product managers oversee the development and deployment of AI products. They bridge the gap between technical teams and business stakeholders, ensuring that AI solutions meet market needs and business objectives.

This role requires a deep understanding of AI technologies, market trends, and strong project management skills. If project management is already your thing, see if you can level up in this direction. Get more familiar with AI products, start using them in your role, or start an AI product project within your existing role. The potential for this work is huge.

Average salary: $148,000 per year

AI consultant

An AI consultant guides businesses in integrating AI and machine learning into their operations to boost efficiency, cut costs, and drive revenue growth. They work closely with engineers and other experts to help clients identify new opportunities and develop strategies for leveraging AI to improve business processes.

This role is among the higher-paying positions in AI. Join an AI consultancy or start up your own. Meet potential clients, find out their business challenges, then research the solutions and advise on what they do. This role requires you’re a hungry learner, eager self-starter, who can explain complex things in a simple way.

Average salary: top earners are earning around $155,500 per year.

AI startup founder

An AI startup founder creates and leads a company focused on developing and commercializing AI technologies. While they might not take cash out straight away, the potential for high earnings is there, through dividends, salary and company valuation.

Successful AI startups can attract investment and be acquired for high multiples, often around 20x annual revenue or more, depending on the innovation and market impact of the technology. High-profile exits can result in substantial financial rewards for founders.

It’s also worth mentioning that you don’t have to start an AI business to win big in an AI career. You could join an AI startup. Top AI companies share specific roles on their own websites, and some of the salary and compensation packages dwarf all of those mentioned above, especially if you join at the start and take equity as part of your package.

Average salary: Potential earnings can be substantial, whether you own the company or join it early on.

How much can you earn working in AI? Average salaries revealed.

If you’re thinking about a change and you want to earn more, a career in AI could be the one. Dig into these roles, find out what you need and get reskilling or upskilling.

The ship hasn’t sailed, there’s plenty of time to get your foot in the door and start carving out your future as a big earner. Why wouldn’t you see what’s possible?

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